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Now you can send and receive parcels while away from home


ParcelPal have integrated mobile phone technology together with an intelligent locker, providing the means to answer your door from anywhere in the world, hold a conversation via the Intercom, and provide remote control of a secure locker at your door, using nothing more than your mobile phone!

It really is that simple!

The Intercom has two buttons on it. When a visitor presses the 'Doorbell' button, the system simply rings the doorbell sounder. However, when a courier presses the 'Parcels' button on your Intercom, the system rings your doorbell and also makes a call to your chosen number; your mobile phone, or ANY phone for that matter. You can then hold a conversation via the Intercom, confirm delivery or collection requirements, and remotely unlock your locker by simply pressing star zero on your phone’s keypad.

As well as providing remote, secure parcel exchange; the system also logs all usage information on our secure web server, which is accessible to you through your free online account.

The configuration of the number to call can be easily changed by simply texting a message to the system with your unique PIN code and the new number.

Parcelpal Power Lead

Easy Installation

The simplest of installation allows you to install it yourself

The mains adaptor is just like a mobile phone charger and simply plugs into a mains socket. The output is low-voltage and safe.

Parcelpal Doorbell

The mains adaptor connects to the doorbell ringer, which is mounted on an interior wall and also acts as a neat junction box for the cable Parcelpal Locker Open running outside to the locker. The doorbell ringer must be positioned within 2M of the mains adaptor.

The locker is 50cm x 53cm x 95cm tall, and is made from rust treated steel, ensuring the highest quality and security is achieved. It should be fixed to an exterior wall with a single security bolt through the rear, and can be positioned up to 25M away from the interior Parcelpal Intercom Front junction box.

The Intercom is 20cm tall and 10cm wide, and should be fitted next to your front door with two screws, right where your traditional doorbell would be fitted. The Intercom can be positioned up to 7M away from the Locker.

Or Take Advantage of our Professional Installation Service For just £99ex VAT

Purchase outright or lease for the same cost as a mobile phone!

Service Providers

SIM Contract

SIM Card As ParcelPal uses mobile phone technology, it can be leased on a permanent basis through a standard mobile phone SIM card tariff with Vodafone, O2 and Orange service providers. Just £24.99ex pcm + call charges at standard network rates. Includes free service, maintenance and eventually, replacement - for life.

Outright Purchase

When purchased outright the units are supplied with a tariff-free SIM card, with only call charges at standard network rates chargeable, or you can simply supply your own SIM card if you prefer and we’ll fit it for you. Just £449ex including a full 2-year parts and labour guarantee

Just think how much ParcelPal could simplify your life ...

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