The ParcelPal Story

The ParcelPal Story

So you might have heard of ParcelPal before but wondered, “How did they come up with it?” or maybe you haven’t, in this case, here’s our story. About a year ago the four of us were out having a few beers, talking business, bouncing ideas off one another and the conversation quickly turned to the rapid rise in popularity of on-demand services.

After another round of beers (which took way too long!) we realized the Canadian on-demand industry isn’t solving one of business’ and consumer’s most important problems: delivery, now!

We realized that traditional couriers and logistics services were the weak link when it came to connecting these businesses and consumers, leaving shoppers waiting, and waiting, for the ever-elusive delivery guy to show up.

I mean sure, having the ability to order products and services 24/7 was great, but people are demanding faster receipt of those products and services on a larger scale.

Complex Problems, Simplified Solutions

So the next day, after a bunch of coconut water, we arrived at a clear vision that led us to solve this problem – we set out to build the world’s best on-demand delivery service using extremely easy technology and a community of vetted couriers.

Our goals were straightforward: we wanted to provide businesses with a quick, cost-effective way to send and receive goods. We challenged ourselves to build user friendly, industry leading mobile and desktop apps, backed by an unreal algorithm to automatically connect our customers with the best couriers in their immediate area.

The result?

An on-demand delivery service that is cost-effective, scalable and accessible to everyone.

First Stop – ParcelPal in VanCity

We’re now live in Vancouver, B.C. where we’ve curated a network of over 1300 local couriers who provide on-demand delivery services to businesses. We made sure every ParcelPal courier is carefully screened, and their performance is continuously ranked by users, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction is always excellent.

Our Vision

We’re an ambitious crew  that’s why we intend to build ParcelPal by providing on-demand delivery services in an ever-growing list of cities across Canada, and beyond. We plan to steamroll anyone in our way.

Right now, local deliveries throughout Canada are valued at $1.8 billion dollars per year. Here at ParcelPal, we believe this market is ripe for disruption, providing vast opportunities for on-demand delivery providers (AKA us).

We’re building an open API that will allow merchants to offer the ParcelPal service for online purchases, providing consumers with an enticing on-demand delivery option during checkout.

We plan to become the ubiquitous on-demand delivery service. Starting with business-to-business, then business-to-consumer, and finally consumer-to-consumer, ultimately providing innovative solutions to a widespread audience that’s ready for relief from their delivery woes.

Think of anything you want and have it to your door in under an hour. That’s our vision. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver people, so you’ll have to find a boyfriend or girlfriend somewhere else (for now). You can request an invite to our beta program here, just fill out the form and if selected someone from the team will reach out to you.

Tell us what you think. Connect with us through Linkedin, follow us on Twitter, and ‘like’ us on Facebook. You can also shoot us a message here, or give us a shout at 604-401-8700.