woman providing on-demand delivery

4 Reasons Your Business Should Offer On-Demand Delivery

Looking for ways to expand your market, boost sales and build your brand? Of course you are – that’s what brought you to this blog in the first place, right?

Right now, the entire economy is experiencing a seismic shift – one that’s tilted in favour of companies that are prepared to embrace the sharing economy, adapt new technologies and provide near-instantaneous delivery of goods and services.

Consumer cravings for immediate gratification go well beyond on-demand media streaming and ultra-fast fast-food delivery; shoppers don’t want to wait for their retail purchases to arrive in the mailbox – they want what they want, when they want it.

That’s why we developed our industry-leading on-demand delivery app.

We’re revolutionizing how companies connect with their customers by responding to the ever-growing demand for fast, flexible and ultra-convenient same-day delivery services – the kind of services that drive sales, increase consumer satisfaction, and can give you a razor-sharp competitive edge.

If you’re not already offering on-demand delivery at your company, you should be – here’s why:

1. Your Customers Want It – Now

Consumers today are an impatient bunch. They’re short on patience, and they’re flocking to on-demand services like Uber, Netflix and TaskRabbit in droves. The sharing economy is growing at an impressive rate, with financial gurus predicting that the global market will be valued at $335 Billion USD by 2025.

Shoppers want fast, affordable and traceable delivery services. A recent survey by Temado revealed that 97 percent of consumers want to be able to follow the progress of their delivery in real-time, and 61 percent “want one-hour to three-hour shipping options“.

2. On-Demand Delivery Services Are Affordable

When compared to traditional courier services, shipping via taxi or hiring an in-house delivery person, some on-demand delivery services provide great bang for your buck.

For example, rates at ParcelPal start at just $4 for the first 4km, with each additional kilometre costing a mere 0.75 cents. At these prices, you, and your customers can enjoy fast, same-day shipping – everyone wins!

By comparison, Vancouver-based Daily Delivery (compare) requires that customers subscribe to either a monthly, or annual package to access their on-demand shipping services – and they charge a per-delivery fee on top of that!

Shipping by taxi isn’t any cheaper – in VanCity, the minimum cab fare is $3.20, and then it’s another $1.84 per kilometre on top of that.

3. The Sharing Economy Is Good For The Local Economy

On-demand shipping services do more than just connect companies with consumers; app-based couriers provide attractive, living-wage employment opportunities for everyone from students to semi-retired folks.

On-demand couriers are given the flexibility to work when they want, how they want – they can make their deliveries on foot, by bike, using public transit or in their own vehicles. Through ParcelPal, they earn an impressive 80% commission on every completed delivery, which means that not only is the sharing economy good for enterprise, it’s good for everyone.

4. Your Competitors Will Be Offering On-Demand Shipping

If your competitors aren’t already providing on-demand shipping to their customers, they will be – soon. Let’s face it – consumers today don’t buy in to the ‘brand loyalty’ thing like the previous generation did, so if you’re not providing them with the products and services they want, when they want them, they’ll find another business that will.

Offering on-demand shipping is simple, cost-effective and it’s great for you, and your community, making signing up for on-demand delivery the easiest decision you’ll make all day!