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5 Fabulous Places to Score Awesome Clothes in Van City

Back in the not-so-distant past, it was easy to spot a true Vancouverite in a crowd – just look for the one wearing the Birkenstock sandals and a pair of casual pants from Mountain Equipment Co-op, matched with an uber-practical Gore-Tex rain adorned with multiple zippers and way, way too much Velcro….

Thankfully, Vancouver, and its collective sense of fashion, has evolved from those crunchy granola days. Sure, you’ll still spot a few diehards trucking around Lotus Land looking like they’re ready to tackle the Grouse Grind at the drop of a hat, but for the most part, folks in Vancouver have stepped up their game when it comes to their wardrobes.

After all, the 2010 Olympics solidified Vancouver’s spot on the list of world-class cities, so it stands to reason that locals should dress accordingly, right?

Here’s our picks for the top five Vancouver shops where discerning fashion-forward guys and gals can shop in person, or online, for some great digs:

Founded by Alexandra Thompson following a “life-changing trip to Nepal” , this Gastown boutique focuses on fashion as an investment, with prices for ‘timeless’ high-quality pieces ranging from $40 to $2,500.

With products and services squarely targeted towards a discerning, career-orientated crowd, Thompson and her hand-picked team of fashion creatives are now expanding beyond Vancouver’s borders with an aggressive push into the e-commerce space with a bright, user-friendly website.

Headquartered in the heart of Vancouver’s hipsterville, a.k.a. Mount Pleasant, is a surprisingly spacious shop packed with an eclectic mix of fun and functional clothing and accessories sourced globally.

Most items are priced well under the $200 mark, and their recent expansion east into a prime Yonge St. space in T-Dot speaks to the popularity of their ever-evolving lineup of contemporary fashion for men and women.

The low prices means that stuff moves fast here, so if you spot something you like, grab it quick!

Fashion-conscious guys can find a great variety of high-quality duds and accessories for dudes at this Gastown boutique that specializes in both big-name brands like Nike, and one-off pieces from local designers.

Thanks to their well-stocked e-commerce store, shoppers can skip the trek to VanEast and order their t-shirts, denims, bags, and wallets all online.

Just a few steps away from Vancouver’s iconic steam clock sits a compact little Canadian-focused fashion boutique for women, where ethics are front-and-center. All the clothes here are created using carefully-curated sustainable fabrics like wool, hemp, and organic cotton, and the manufacturing process is constantly monitored to ensure worker health and safety.

Discerning men who are looking for a balance between the upscale offerings of Holt Renfrew and the budget-friendly prices of a chain store will appreciate the modern designs and personal service offered by this independent fashion boutique.

And thanks to their recent expansion into both a second brick-and-mortar location and the e-commerce space, Neighbour now offers clothing and accessories for women too.

As VanCity continues to grow and evolve, we’re expecting to see more fashion-forward shops pop up in areas like Gastown, Kits and Mount Pleasant. Thanks to the upcoming Shopify Integration from ParcelPal that will connect boutiques with fast, affordable same-day shipping, you won’t even need to leave your office to score some amazing fashion finds!