5 Amazing Shopify Plugins that Help You Connect with Customers

Having finally opened your ecommerce store, you might be discovering that converting your hard earned traffic into actual sales doesn’t just happen magically. One of the keys to success is figuring out a way to establish a personal connection, enabling your ecommerce store to stand out in a crowded eCommerce environment. With these five amazing Shopify plugins you can start building relationships with customers and convert your web traffic into real dollars.

Tidio Live Chat

It is hard to charm a customer into a sale when you have no way of chatting them up. Tidio Live Chat gives you that chatting up opportunity however, and provides you the voice to speak with your prospective customers. Tidio lets you answer the burning questions your Shopify store customers might have (In real time), and it provides the perfect platform for haggling, deal making, and closing the sale.

Yotpo Reviews

Back in the day it was called, “word of mouth,” and it was a powerful selling tool for local companies reaching out to their communities. In other words, you impress one customer, and they will pass on their positive feelings about your business to all their friends and family members. Unfortunately, the explosion of ecommerce sites have largely diluted the concept of “community,” and blurred the boundaries of what is considered local. Yotpo redraws those boundaries by boosting the numbers of positive reviews your business receives. Positive reviews are your currency for buying trust with your customers, and the trust translates into increased conversion rates.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program

There’s a myriad of reasons why we carry around those dog-eared coffee cards in our wallets. Specifically, we like to feel wanted, we appreciate being rewarded for our loyalty, and the biggest reason is that we really like free coffee. Why not give a version of a “free coffee” to your customers. With the Sweet Tooth Shopify plugin, you can tailor a points-based rewards program that shows your appreciation whenever a customer makes a purchase, shares on social media, or refers another customer to your virtual shop.


Anyone who has had the pleasure of working at a brick-and-mortar supermarket understands that the randomly abandoned cart is all a part of doing business. Unfortunately, when they stack that shopping cart with gallons of ice cream before disappearing all D.B. Cooper like, you have not only lost a sale, but you probably have a big mess to cleanup. Using the Shopify plugin Beeketing you can prevent cart abandonment issues while boosting your checkout rates. Social media shares helps you build new leads without having to dip into your advertising budget, so Beeketing helps close the deal with current customers while parlaying their ecommerce experience into new business clients.


Face it, we shop online because it is convenient and the practice fills our need for instant gratification. That being said however, you lose a lot of that “instant” thrill when it takes six to eight weeks for shipping and delivery. The ParcelPal Shopify plugin gives you the chance to “wow” your customers with customised shipping options for as little as $4 a package. Sign up and immediately begin offering same day shipping options that will have your customers coming back for more. For those who feel the word “instant” does not convey the proper urgency in terms of delivering their packages, ParcelPal even has an on-demand, one-hour shipping option. Easy to create an account and start shipping, your customers can track deliveries, receive text updates and so much more.