4 Shopify Sales Tactics You Should Be Using Right Now

Got Shopify? If so, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back (seriously, we’ll wait) because you’ve tapped into one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies – one that’s in the businesses of helping businesses like yours grow.

And if you don’t have Shopify, you need to go sign up – right after you’re done reading this. Of course, simply having one of the best e-commerce solutions on your side won’t rocket you towards online fame and fortune – you need to put some skin in the game and put those awesome features Shopify offers to work on your website.

Here’s 4 sales tactics you can use right now to drive traffic, increase conversion rates, and give your e-commerce business a boost:

1. Integrate Instagram into Shopify

Instagram is more than a social media platform where folks share snaps of their favourite feline or MacGuiver-like household hacks – it’s an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to brand engagement and marketing.

Shopify reports that the average value of an online order from Instagram marketing is $65, and the image-based site delivers a 25% greater engagement rate in comparison to other social media platforms.

When integrating Instagram (or any other social media platform) into your Shopify store, be sure to engage your audience with behind-the-scenes shots, contests, and those all-important pics of actual users enjoying your products or services.

2. Cut Down on Abandoned Carts

How many of your customers fill their virtual shopping carts and then bail?

If you’re anything like the ‘average’ Shopify store owner, about two-thirds of your users don’t complete their purchases. That’s right – you’re likely only achieving 33% of the sales that make it to the finish line.

Recovery tactics like offering free or upgraded same-day shipping, a discount on future purchases, or some free schwag can often keep those fence-sitting online shoppers from jumping ship, as can an effective email recovery campaign that reminds them their cart is waiting.

3. Show ‘Em Proof

When it comes to consumer behaviour, peer pressure is a powerful force that can be harnessed to boost your business.

You see, people like to like what other people like (they just don’t often admit it). That’s where the idea of ‘social proof’ comes in to play – folks are drawn to products and services that others have ‘liked’, ‘shared’, and posted positive, first-person reviews about.

By incorporating ‘social proof’ into your Shopify store, you can harness all that peer pressure to increase your conversion rates. Consider encouraging customers to post product reviews in exchange for entry into a contest; promote social media sharing with a promo code; or throw in a free gift for users who promote your enterprise to their network of online friends.

4. Add The ParcelPal On-Demand Shipping Plugin

Online shopping is all about speed and convenience, so it can be a real buzzkill for your users when they hit that magical ‘buy now’ button and find out that shipping will take days, or even weeks.

With the ParcelPal Shopify plugin, you can keep your customers engaged right through to the finish line by offering on-demand delivery that’s real-time trackable and priced so low that even the most price-conscious consumer will jump at the chance to score their goods before the sun goes down.

Download our Shopify Plugin from the Shopify App store here or download it directly from us here.