5 Things Consumers Actually Want When Shopping Online

Beyond the ability to shop in your underwear, the online shopping experience has completely changed the way consumers think about buying the things that they need in their lives. Obviously, ecommerce has been around long enough that consumers have developed solid ideas regarding what they want from their online shopping experience.

Your eventual success, as an online retailer, rides on the ability to meet these consumer expectations, so you need to know more than the fact there is at least a 50% chance that last customer was sitting in their Fruit of the Looms when they placed their order.

Solid Mobile Experience while shopping

When consumers eventually find their pants, they want to be rewarded for that effort with an on-demand, online shopping experience that offers a solid mobile platform. In fact, a recent ecommerce survey indicates that online consumers of all stripes are making a move away from laptop and desktop shopping to mobile phones. By the first quarter of 2016, a recent ecommerce survey estimates that upwards of 45% of on-demand shoppers have moved to a smartphone platform, with that percentage expected to rise past the 60% mark by the end of the year. Optimizing your site for a seamless mobile shopping experience is critical to your ongoing ecommerce success.

Easy Return Options

Just as shoppers are wary of hassles when they return items to a brick and mortar establish, they are equally, if not more, worried about having easy return options when shopping online. A recent UPS study discovered 67% of consumers shop more with a retailer that has a hassle-free return policy.

In order to ease customer concerns and get them to proceed with their purchase, offering a customer friendly return policy is an important step in guaranteeing that returning unwanted items is as easy as the buying process. Towards that goal, offering long warranty periods, a generous “no questions asked” policy, and full cash refunds are at the heart of meeting the on-demand needs of today‚Äôs ecommerce shoppers.

Price Transparency

While we will easily pass a dollar across the counter of a traditional brick and mortar business, if we’re using our credit or debit card it immediately triggers our “Spidy Senses” when it comes to making an online purchase. Ecommerce customers are seeking not only financial secure dealings, but have also clearly stated price transparency is the single most important factor in their purchase decision .

Positive reviews, repeat business, and loyal customers are the rewards for clearly marked prices, no hidden fees, taxes, and affordable shipping costs. Ecommerce is the same as regular commerce when it comes to the need to develop trust before making a sale, and nothing builds trust like a “straight deal” when it comes to money matters.

Value for the Money

When a customer evaluates their online buying options, they are looking for more than the best price on the market. That’s not to say that price is not an important consideration, but savvy ecommerce customers view the overall experience, and have shown the inclination to pay a higher price if they view the entire shopping experience positively. If your customers view your online business of significant overall value, they will return repeatedly to buy the products and services that you are selling.

The Instant Gratification of Fast Shipping

Perhaps one of the biggest allures of the on demand, online shopping experience is the near instantaneous sense of gratification we feel when we click that “check out” button. That being said, if your customer needs to wait six to eight weeks for delivery it does serious damage to the warm and fuzzy feeling of purchasing something new. In fact, 44% of shoppers who abandoned a shopping cart did so because of a long wait for delivery.

Offering on-demand shipping options, such as those offered at ParcelPal, gives you the ability to offer same day, or even same hour, shipping that will decrease cart abandonment, increase sales, and keep your brand name on their minds whenever they are thinking about a business that delivers on its promises and satisfies our human desire for instant gratification.