4 Awesome Ways On-Demand Shipping is Improving the Way We Shop

Remember when ‘going shopping’ used to mean piling into the family car, trekking to the local mall, and spending your precious Saturday afternoons shuffling from store to store?

Thankfully, we’ve evolved beyond those dark days of consumer pain, and the recent marriage of on-demand shipping with on-line shopping has made life way, way better for everyone.

On-demand shipping literally lets you have your cake (or shirt, or fresh-roasted coffee, or bamboo pillow…..) and eat it too – in the comfort of your home or office – all in under an hour.

Here’s 4 awesome ways that on-demand shipping is making buying the stuff you want, and need, better:

It Levels The Playing Field

When on-line shopping first hit the scene, only big-name retailers could afford to negotiate sweet deals on shipping from national courier companies – the ‘little guys’ just couldn’t compete. If you had a hankering for anything that was handmade, perishable, or not sold by Amazon, you had to go out there and get it yourself.

On-demand shipping has changed all of that, making same-day delivery affordable for independent retailers, bootstrapped start-ups, and even pop-up shops. Chances are good that your favourite boutique, bakery, or local speciality shop already offers on-demand shipping.

You can even get rush delivery from places like MASC, leaving you free to do more important things than shopping in person… things like binge-watching Stranger Things… (hey, we don’t judge).

Because Traditional Shopping Is A Colossal Time-Suck

Yeah, we said it – ’cause it’s true.

Unless you’re idea of a good time includes rubbing elbows with retirees and pre-teens at the mall, fighting to find parking next to your favourite shop, and dealing with disgruntled retail workers, shopping the old school way is a huge waste of time and energy.

On-demand shipping give you something naysayers always said money couldn’t buy – time.

Shipping Speeds Rock

While everyone knows that e-commerce has made it easy to shop from anywhere, at anytime, the thing that no on-line retailer likes to talk about is this – the brutal buzzkill that comes with realising your middle-of-the-night retail therapy fix won’t arrive for days, or even weeks.

Seriously – what’s the point of being able to buy anything, from anywhere, if you have to wait for your stuff to show up?

In fact, the speed, efficiency and real-time online tracking offered by local shipping services like ParcelPal makes those ‘traditional’ couriers look like slackers.

It’s Good For Everyone

If you’re one of those social-conscious folks who like to know that their shopping dollars are actually doing good things in the community, you’ll love the fact that on-demand courier services help support our local economy.

Not only do independent retailers and small businesses enjoy the boost they get by combining fast, trackable shipping with online ordering, but ParcelPal provides students, moonlighters, retirees and full-time couriers with a living wage – even by West Coast standards.

So, if your favourite Terminal City isn’t already offering on-demand shipping with ParcelPal, let them know it’s time to level up and step outside the retail box – because chances are good their competitors already have.