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4 Vancouver Restaurants That Will Impress Your Date Without Breaking The Bank

The time has come. Maybe you have been dating for a few weeks, maybe even a few days. Love is in the air, and it is time to take that time-worn next step: the dinner date. And since you are in the first stages, where impressions still count, you want to make a good one. You want a place that will score you some points: a little bit cool, a little bit funky, a little bit romantic. You want a place where the food is delicious, where the atmosphere is fun. You want an experience that will ensure a second date. You do not, however, want to empty your bank account.

Fear not. The city┬áis ripe with more than a few restaurants that fit the bill. While Vancouver restaurants have a reputation for some of the best fine dining establishments in the country, there are hidden gems littered throughout the city that will give you – and your date – a memorable dining experience, without breaking the bank.

1. Meet (4288 Main St. & 12 Water)

With two locations – Meet on Main and Meet in Gastown – Meet has quickly captured the hearts and stomachs of Vancouverites. Both Vancouver restaurants are located in the middle of two of the city’s most diverse shopping districts. Aesthetically, both locations offer the perfect mix of funky and cool: open spaces, high ceilings, an intimate bar area, vintage furniture and decor. Always busy, but rarely to the point of a line up, getting a table for two will not be a problem. There are classic dishes, like salads and burgers and fries, but also more adventurous fare as well. There is, however, a catch: all meals at Meet are 100% vegan. Sound scary? Don’t let that fact scare you. With menu items like the Southern BBQ Burger, Mac n’ Cheese, and their famous corn fritters, you and your date won’t miss the meat.

2. Six Acres (203 Carrall St.)

Gastown has no shortage of amazing restaurants, from the casual to the fine dining. But Six Acres is the perfect balance between the two, and is a favourite of local residents. It has all the requisites of a perfect date spot: cosy, affordable, funky, and a food menu that encourages sharing. Ask the French: few things are more intimate than the sharing of food. From their sausage board to their house made popcorn to their famous fries, Six Acres all about sharing.

And if you also bring your thirst, Six Acres has one of the best local beer selections in Gastown, and a great assortment of wine and whiskeys as well. It’s open late 7 days a week, so there will always be time to savour the food, the drinks, and the romantic atmosphere.

3. The Flying Pig (1168 Hamilton; 102 Water St; 127 W. 2nd Ave.)

With a location in three of Vancouver’s most popular neighbourhoods – Gastown, Yaletown, and Olympic Village – the Flying Pig gives you a ton of pre-date and post-date options. Take a bike ride along the seawall to Olympic Village, or enjoy the cool shopping options of Gastown and Yaletown – the choice is yours. The food is decidedly Canadian, with an emphasis on the West Coast. The BC Salmon Sampler and the Pulled Pork Poutine are favourites. Looking to sample some of their best dishes and wines, while saving a few bucks? Try the Flying Pig ‘Appy Hour – available every day at all locations between 4 – 6pm. Select from a rotating menu of appetizers and wines for half the menu price, allowing you to eat in elegance without the cost that usually comes with eating in elegance.

4. Edible Canada (1596 Johnston St, Granville Island)

Sometimes the perfect date does not have to involve dinner. Sometimes it is more impressive to buck tradition and take that special someone to a nice brunch. Luckily, one of Vancouver’s best weekend brunches can found on Granville Island, the perfect bike ride destination, and a place with tons to explore before or after your brunch. Start with a brunch mimosa, or perhaps their Maple Bacon Caesar, served with a slice of house made maple bacon. Food wise, you cannot go wrong with their Breakfast Poutine: pulled pork, poached eggs, curds and gravy, served atop their famous duck fat fries in a cast iron skillet. It’s crazy delicious, perfect for sharing, and will give you lots to walk or bike off when the meal is over.

So there you have it, your choice of Vancouver restaurants. Choose a restaurant. Pick a neighbourhood to explore. Feel the romance. And good luck.