6 Winter Fashion Items You Wish You Could Get Delivered On Demand

Ah, Winter in Vancouver: the biting wind, the icy sidewalks, the occasional blanket of snow, the clueless drivers. In a city where t-shirts and flip flops are a part of the official uniform, Winter can hit pretty hard. And you must choose your clothing wisely. With only 4 months to wear it, Vancouver Winter fashion items must straddle that fine line between stylish and affordable.

With that in mind, we have mined the city of Vancouver for winter fashion items that will keep you warm, keep you looking good, and keep your bank account from bottoming out.

For the ladies…

Maison Kitsune winter fashion

There are two types of beanies in the world: those that are made of camel hair and those that are not. When the temperature drops, it is essential to keep your head warm, and beanies (or toques) are a Canadian Winter fashion staple. Made of pure camel hair, this is like a personal sauna for your head.

(Available at /017 Shop: www.017shop.ca )

Nothing says Winter like a good ‘ol parka. It is the perfect garment to combat all that Winter throws at you: big enough to fit over any outfit; long enough to keep most of your body warm; stylish enough to keep you looking good. This baby is waterproof, windproof, and snowproof, with a built-in hood to keep your head warm and dry.

(Available at Still Life: www.stilllifeboutique.com )

Rains Parka Winter fashion

It’s the ultimate Winter two-for-one: a 100% wool scarf that is big enough to be a blanket. Perfect for long walks. warming your legs on a chilly patio, or protecting your head and hair from the falling snow.

(Available at Woo To See You: www.wootoseeyou.com )

For the gentlemen…

If you live North of the 49th Parallel, then a beanie is an essential part of your Winter uniform. And this puppy meets all the criteria of a good Canadian toque: simple design, 100% wool, rollover cuff, dark colour. So whether you are hitting the slopes or hitting the bar, the Cast beanie has you covered.

(Available at Herschel Supply: www.herschelsupply.ca )

Grandma may have knit you a sweater for Christmas, but this is the one you really want to wear. Simple but stylish, and a softness that invites touching. Thick enough to keep you warm, but thin enough to wear on its own. The colour is a manly grey, and for a subtle touch of funk: shoulder buttons.

(Available at Boys’Co: www.boysco.com )

For the ladies & gentlemen…

The Glerups story is pretty cool: in 1993, a Danish mother (“Nanny” Glerups) made a few pairs of slippers for her family, using the wool from her very own sheep. 24 years later, Glerups have become world-renowned for their quality and comfort. These slipper boots can be worn inside or out, and your feet will never know the difference.

(Available at Australian Boot Co: www.australianboot.com )

Life is full of little ironies: wouldn’t it be nice to have the option of buying these Winter fashion must-haves without having to brave the Winter weather? Just point, click, order, and have it delivered the same day? And when they arrive, you will be ready to face the great outdoors and partake in more important things, like one of these cool and affordable Vancouver places to visit in the Winter. We think that would be nice, too.