8 Great Gift Ideas From Vancouver Shops That Should Have On-Demand Delivery

Buying the perfect gift for someone you like – or even love – can be a pretty tricky affair. It’s a double-sided coin: a good gift pleases the receiver, but also reflects on the giver. The difference between a Subway gift card and a handmade Peruvian scarf is that the scarf will get you a second date, and maybe more. A good gift should also be unique, prove that you actually put some thought into your choice. Don’t sweat it, though, because we got you covered.

Vancouver is loaded with stores and shops offering cool and unique gifts. Here are 8 great gift ideas from some Vancouver stores and shops that we all wish would have on-demand delivery.


In a world of bling and bluster, sometimes simple and stylish wins the day. A backpack so minimal and elegant that doesn’t look like a backpack. A backpack that can hold a laptop and a change of clothes without being bulky. If ever a backpack was the perfect gift, this is it.

(Available at El Kartel: www.elkartel.com )

A good graphic t-shirt will make people pay attention. It will make them smile, or think, or wonder. This shirt will do all three. The graphic is ambiguous and the text, “It All Started In Africa” is the perfect brain-scratcher, as people can figure out for themselves what “It” is.

(Available at El Kartel: www.elkartel.com )


See above. This time, a picture of renowned feminist hero, Sinead O’Connor, smoking a cigarette says it all with no words necessary.

(Available at Nouvelle Nouvelle: http://nouvellenouvelle.com )

For the gentlemen…

Need to buy something for that cool, whimsical girl in your life? Look no further than this pair of colourful socks covered in tacos. You can assure her that she will be the only one at work sporting a pair of taco socks.

(Available at 8th & Main: www.8main.ca )


For the hipster, adventure-seeker, or Indiana Jones fan, this military-inspired bag is all about utility. Tons of pockets inside and out that will fit everything from your phone to your flask. It’s the perfect man bag

(Available at 8th & Main: www.8main.ca )

While the kimono may conjure up images of demure Japanese women quietly serving hot tea in a room made of rice paper walls, it is become much more than that. The kimono has become a fashionable, multi-dimensional garment, perfect for that stylish lady in your life. Worn as a bathrobe, to the beach, or over a pair of jeans, the 100% silk kimono is not just for serving tea.

(Available at Wardrobe Apparel: www.wdrobeapparel.com )


Few things warm a women’s heart quite like a kick-ass pair of leather boots. As the name implies, these boots are not just stylish, but waterproof as well. Tailor made for a city like Vancouver, where there are more than just a few puddles to jump.

(Available at Lords Shoes: www.lordsshoes.ca)

Nothing says West Coast quite like a Cowichan sweater: named after the Cowichan Valley, where this knitting technique originated, and the Cowichan people, who developed it. With each sweater being expertly hand-knitted, the Cowichan sweater is an iconic West Coast garment that will last generations.

(Available at Niftydo: www.nifty-do.com )


Buying one of these gifts may not make you a rock star, but they will impress, and maybe even get you out of the doghouse. And if you dropped the ball at Christmas, then there are even more gift choices for you.