Vancouver Neighbourhood Spotlight: Gastown

San Diego has the Lamp District. San Francisco has the Mission District. Seattle has the Bell District. And Vancouver? Vancouver has Gastown. Like its West Coast brethren, Gastown is an old neighbourhood in a once derelict part of the city that has evolved into a food, drink, and shopping hot spot. It’s home to some of Vancouver’s best bars and restaurants; it’s home to a plethora of influential tech start ups and businesses; and recently, it has become one of Vancouver’s most popular shopping districts.

It’s a neighbourhood of contrasts. People-wise, it is a mix of hipsters, tourists and street folks, who filter down from the neighbouring Downtown Eastside. Architecture-wise, it is a mix of ancient brick and modern design. By day it is a haven for hipsters, sea of beards and tattoos; by night the streets are alive with bar hoppers. Tucked between the bars and the tourist stores, however, are some of Vancouver’s most unique and interesting shops, offering everything from clothing to home furnishings to eyewear.

It’s a neighbourhood meant for walking and browsing, and then ending your day with a drink. To help your exploration, we offer a selection of Gastown’s diverse shops and stores. And while many these cool shops do not yet offer on-demand delivery, we are hoping that will soon change. We will start, however, with two of Gastown’s most popular fashion boutiques, that do indeed offer on-demand delivery.

TIn the dog-eat-dog world of Vancouver fashion, where boutiques come and go like acne on a teenager’s face, survival can be rare and is usually earned over a long period. Open for only a few years on the outer fringes of Gastown, Wardrobe Apparel has defied the odds by quickly earning a reputation for its high quality, unique designs, and attention to detail. Offering an array of clothing and accessories from an array of designers at an array of price points, Wardrobe has every woman’s needs covered.

Located on Gastown’s fabled and cobbled Water Street, Litchfield is the spot in Gastown for the discerning shopper, interested in high quality and unique products from around the world. Litchfield oozes cool, from the wood and brick decor to the thoughtfully curated selection of goods. Brass bottle openers from Japan? Check. Carbon headphones from France? Check. Coffee-scented soap from Paris? Check. Browsing has never been so fun

And now for the shops we all wish would have on-demand delivery:

If you find yourself in Gastown, and in need of “manning up,” then Fortknight is your destination. Ostensibly a barber shop, but with a mission “to help you become a better man,” Fortknight is a Gastown institution, providing everything you need for your hair and beard needs, from cuts to trims to products. And if you need ay info on the neighbourhood itself, talk to Rocco, who is not only the owner, but an expert on all things Gastown.

Livestock Vancouver’s premium sneaker shop. Sure, they have some pretty cool street wear for purchase, but really it’s all about the sneakers. New, vintage, limited edition – you will find it all here and online. If you are in search of some kicks, this is the place. Period

A relative newcomer to Gastown, Bailey Nelson has your eyes covered. The Gastown store, located at the coveted corner of Cambie and Cordova, has an impressive display of glasses for both genders. Whether you are in search of prescription glasses, sunglasses, or both, you will find it here. Heck, you can even skip the optometrist, as they also do in-store eye tests!)

Just down the street from Bailey Nelson, you will find Old Faithful, one of Gastown’s most unique and popular stores. A list of the products available at Old Faithful would fill a binder, so let’s just say that if you are looking for it, you will probably find it here. From clothing to lighting to house wares, and everything in between, Old Faithful is about one thing: “quality goods.” And with its mix of brick and wood, it is one of the city’s most aesthetically pleasing stores as well.

So, if you can find a rainless day in Vancouver, why not check out one of Vancouver’s hippest neighbourhoods. Spend the day shopping and exploring the sights and sounds. Then spend the evening eating, drinking and celebrating your day. And if you are in need of some cocktail options, feel free to check this out. Now, if only more of these cool stores had on-demand delivery.