Shop the Look – Spring Into Spring

Spring is a time of flowers, birds, bees, and getting your butt outside after 3 months of hibernation. The primal urge to break free of Winter’s hold can be strong, so sometimes you have to say “fuvk the groundhog,” and jump into Spring headfirst.

For Vancouverites, this Winter has been a bit of a bitch, and we are all breathing a long sigh of relief that Spring is knocking at the door. Here’s a a little known fact: one of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of better weather and chirping birds is to go shopping. But what to buy? I mean, you want to come out of hibernation looking good. With so many options, and so many stores teeming with Spring fashions, we decided to narrow it down for you with a classic Look – Spring Into Spring.

Spring fashion is about stowing away the parka, and looking fresh. And this look, with its casual, European-influenced style, will help you explode into Spring, and turn some heads along the way. And the best part: you can easily piece this look together right here in Vancouver.

Nothing says Spring like stripes. Thick or thin, it doesn’t really matter. Made of 100% cotton, this top is thick enough to withstand gentle Spring breezes, but thin enough to absorb the Spring sun. It’s like comfort and style had a child, and this is the result. And the stripes give it just enough of a European flavour that you can even pretend you are walking the streets of Paris, not Vancouver.

(Available at Oliver & Lillys:

When it comes to jeans, there is no messing around. Anybody with a shred of fashion sense knows that cheaping out on jeans is a no-no. They anchor any look, especially this one. With vintage, slightly distressed denim, these jeans are made to be worn slightly baggy for maximum comfort, but they are still stylish enough to turn a few heads along the way.

(Available at Rebecca Bree:

If you live North of the 49th Parallel, then a beanie is an essential part of your Winter uniform. And this puppy meets all the criteria of a good Canadian toque: simple design, 100% wool, rollover cuff, dark colour. So whether you are hitting the slopes or hitting the bar, the Cast beanie has you covered.

(Available at Rebecca Bree:

When it comes to casual footwear, Vans hits all the marks: cool, classic, and comfortable. But leather perforated Vans? Yes, please. Shoes like this will go with any outfit, but especially with a pair of nice faded, cuffed jeans.

(Available at El Kartel: )

So when the snow finally melts in Vancouver, and the groundhog pokes his grubby face out of his hole in the ground, just ignore him. Instead, spring into Spring your own way. Whether you shop online or in-store, you don’t need permission from a rodent; you just need this killer look.