6 Best Late Night Eats In Vancouver

We’ve all been there: it’s 2 am, you have had a few drinks – maybe more than few – and you are hungry for some late night eats and treats and maybe a place to hang out before heading home. Crappy fast food is out of the question, as is crappy cardboard pizza. You want something craveworthy, something tasty to fill your belly. Well, if you live in Vancouver, there’s no shortage of late night eats in and around you. 

Whether you are a vegetarian, craving a burger, or want to chow down on something new, here are six of the best late night eats in Vancouver.

Few things hit the spot after a night of drinking than poutine, Canada’s unofficial national food. When it comes to late night poutine in Vancouver, there are imitators and then there’s Fritz’s. Located just off the Granville strip, Fritz’s attracts swarms of late night revellers, hungry for their perfect fries and ridiculous assortment of poutine toppings. Their classic poutine is as good as it gets, but feel free to funk it up with some pulled pork, Montreal smoked meat, or fresh bacon bits.

Insider Tip: Try the Fritessaus Mayo as a dip – an addictively tangy Dutch mayo.

Sometimes the night lasts much longer than expected, and when that happens, Lucy’s is the perfect late night eatery. Featured on the Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” Lucy’s is Vancouver’s best 24 hour diner. It’s the kind of place you can stumble into at 4 am, slide into a booth, eat a tasty meal, and be surrounded by a ton of people who are probably feeling just like you. From standard diner fare like burgers and mac n’ cheese to delicious eggs bennies, you are bound to find what your belly needs.

Insider Tip: Their milkshakes are always on point. Try the Oreo.

Opened in 1968, when Kitsilano was a hippie hotbed, the Naam is another 24 hour restaurant, with a twist: everything on the menu is vegetarian. But don’t let that fool you; the Naam is a bona fide Vancouver late night institution: burgers, burritos, nachos, grilled cheese, rice bowls, pasta and a ton more options to end your night with a satisfied belly. And the helpings are massive.

Insider Tip: Fries with Miso Gravy. The fries are amazing, but the Naam Miso Gravy is so good that it can be found in bottles at stores across the city.

Sometimes you just need a burger. Period. Located in the heart of the Granville Street Entertainment District, and open until 4 am, Roxy Burger is the place to go when only a burger will do. And you will never be alone: Roxy Burger is packed until closing time. It’s almost like a second party. From beef to lamb to chicken to tuna, their burgers are always tasty, and their fries (including poutine) and onion rings are top notch.

Insider Tip: The Ridiculous Burger: Two ½ pound beef patties, jack & cheddar cheese, double bacon, guacamole, house made relish, tomato, lettuce, red onion.

For those not down with dosas, they are a South Indian twist on a classic French crepe, except bigger and stuffed with an assortment of belly-filling options: meat, veggies, potatoes, spices, rice, and more. Crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, they are the perfect late night feast. House of Dosas is a hugely popular late night food stop, partly because it is open 24 hours, and partly because their dosas are mouth watering. House of Dosas also offers a nice assortment of curries and other South Indian dishes to spice up your late night.

Insider Tip: Try the Biryani, a classic South Indian mixed rice dish, available with veggies, beef, lamb, chicken or prawns.

Pizza is the penultimate late night food: quick, cutlery-free, greasy, cheesy goodness. But not all late night pizzas are created equal. Sure, you can pay 99 cents for a slice of tasteless cardboard, or you can get yourself to Fire Pizza on Commercial Drive. While Fire Pizza certainly has the basics, and have a reputation for quality ‘za, they are best known for their specialty pizzas, with crazy and tasty flavour combos, perfect for a late night state of mind.

Insider Tip: The Maple Pork Pizza: Homemade marinated sweet roasted pork, bacon, tomatoes, and roasted garlic. Enough said.

Sometimes the worst part of the night is the end of the night. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Visit one of these six tasty spots after a night out, and suddenly late night becomes the best part of the night.