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4 Best Thai Restaurants in Downtown Vancouver

Despite its reputation for bold flavours, Thai food is really all about subtlety. It’s about the subtle combination of herbs, spices, and flavour combinations that give it such a distinct taste. It’s about the subtle differences between the three signature curry sauces. It’s about the subtle garnishes, like nuts and basil, that add texture and flavour. So whether you are craving Pad Thai, some curry and noodles, or just some soup and salad, here are 4 of the best Thai restaurants in downtown Vancouver.

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A Yaletown staple since 2000, Urban Thai Bistro serves classic Thai food with a modern twist and super fresh ingredients. Recently renovated into a large, sleek, stylish, and modern space, it is still all about the food. Their red, yellow, and green curries will literally make you want to lick your plate. If you into sharing plates, you can order the appy platter, where you can choose your own appetizers from a list that includes chicken satay, house made shrimp balls or cakes, crispy wonton, and noodle-wrapped tiger prawns. Perfect for eating in or having a feast at home.

Try This: Are Han Jaan Bhed – Boneless roasted Long Island duck in a red curry sauce with coconut milk, coconut meat, tomatoes, pineapple, fresh basil.

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The Pink Elephant definitely wins the best-named Thai restaurant contest, but their food is what makes them so popular. A sister restaurant to Urban Thai, the Pink Elephant is located just off busy Robson Street, straddling both downtown and the densely populated West End. As a result, the Pink Elephant is consistently packed with tourists and locals alike, all feasting on authentic Thai food in a very pink setting.

Try This: Pad Thai – their version: stir-fried rice noodles with tamarind sauce, eggs, green onions, bean sprouts, and topped with chopped peanuts. Try it with their free-range ostrich meat.

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This West End eatery is short on space, but big on authentic Thai flavours. In fact, its small eating space makes Thai Basil one of Vancouver’s most popular takeout restaurants. From classic Thai soups and salads to appetizers to curries to everything noodle, Thai Basil has everything you need for a good old fashioned food coma. And the prices are pretty darn tasty too.

Try This: Panang Curry – rich red curry sauce, with pork, chicken, beef, or tofu, lychee, peanuts, and lime leaves.

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When a Vancouver restaurant has been operating for more than 30 years, you know they must be doing something right. SalaThai does everything right, especially showcasing the distinct and contrasting flavours that make Thai cuisine so unique: sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter. Renowned for their curries, they feature a massive menu of favourites for eating in or taking out.

Try This: Ruam Mit – a sizzling plate of sautéed white fish, squid, tiger prawns, clams, bell peppers, with a spicy yellow coconut curry sauce.

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