Cheap Eats in Van City

There are times for splurging on a nice meal at a nice restaurant: perhaps a first date, maybe a birthday, and definitely when someone else is paying. Cheap eats, however, are a whole new ball game. And when we are busy, or broke, or just not in the mood for dropping half a paycheque on a meal, cheap eats are crucial. But let’s make one thing very clear: “cheap eats” does not mean crappy eats. No matter what kind of food you are craving, Vancouver is packed with a dizzying array of food that is not only cheap, but also pretty damn tasty. You just need to know where to find them.


One of Gastown’s go-to spots for early or late-night eats, Bestie serves up gourmet hot dogs, sausages, pretzels, and beer. With meat supplied by Granville Island’s Oyama Sausage – Vancouver’s best place for meat – Bestie is the epitome of quality cheap eats, which explains the pretty constant lineups. Their currywurst sausage has already earned the reputation as bucket list awesome.


Serving modern Korean food in the heart of Vancouver’s West End, Damso has quickly garnered a reputation for affordable and flavour-filled food. If you are looking for some heat, try their Spicy Tofu Soup. If you are looking for some crunch, try a big plate of their Fried Chicken Nuggets. And if you are looking for authentic, try their version of Gamjatang, a 24 hour broth of pork, pork bone, potato and wild sesame. It’s pure Seoul food.


Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Gyoza Bar offers up amazing Japanese comfort food at ridiculously affordable prices. The Gyoza Bar keeps it simple, and that means specializing in three things, and doing them all to perfection: gyozas, ramen, and Bao sandwiches. Try the Chili Shrimp Teppan Gyoza, or warm up with a bowl of their Tamari-Shoyu Pork Ramen. If sandwiches are your thing, then their Pulled Pork Bao is a must.


For 37 years, New Town has been providing Chinatowners and Gastowners with awesome Chinese and Philipino baked goods and savoury dishes. While their menu boasts an impressive array of food, including pastries, soups, hot pots, and chow meins, a trip to New Town is never complete without two things: steamed buns and dim sum. Very few things in Vancouver can warm you up on a chilly day more than a fresh steamed pork bun from New Town, or pop inside for some killer dim sum, including their famous curried fish balls.


Fall and WInter in Vancouver means one thing: noodle time! There are a ton of noodle shops in Van City, but Legendary Noodle rates among the best. Their noodles are hand made and their sauces are seriously kick-ass. It’s a tiny place, so ordering and getting their lip-smacking, slurpy goodness is recommended. Try the chicken or shrimp with their creamy house made peanut sauce, and a whole shwack of veggies. Actually, you might as well just order two.


Seriously…who doesn’t love fried chicken? Besides the vegetarians and vegans, everybody likes to indulge in some good old fried chicken. But unless you are really desperate, KFC just doesn’t cut it anymore. Enter Juke, Vancouver’s newest and premier fried chicken joint, located in the heart of Chinatown. Regular fried chicken, sauced fried chicken, and even ribs for all you pork lovers. They even have grilled cheese, corn dogs, and a bountiful take out menu. Sorry, colonel, this is truly finger-licking good.


Peaked pies specializes in one thing: Aussie meat pies. Sure, you will find an apple pie on the menu, if you look hard enough. But it’s the savoury meat pies that really matter, and they will literally knock your wallabees off. From the classic (ground beef, onions, and gravy) to the ethnic (butter chicken) to the truly Australian (ground kangaroo in a red wine balsamic reduction), this is Australian comfort food at its finest.

So if you are hungry, and if any of these places sound tasty to you, download the ParcelPal app now and you can start filling your belly in minutes. If you are looking for something a little more off the beaten path, check out our 6 Hidden Gems.