Booze Delivery: ParcelPal Changes the Game

For years, getting food delivered to your door has been a no-brainer. Now, with companies like ParcelPal developing integrative and user-friendly apps, getting the food you want from the restaurants you love has never been easier. But what about the booze? That’s another story. Due to factors like high prices and inconvenience, alcohol delivery has always been a last resort when the last resort runs out. Until now. ParcelPal has changed the game. Other delivery companies mark up the prices to a laughable level, and then tack on ridiculous delivery fees. Beer is good, but it’s rarely worth $30 a six-pack.

ParcelPal, on the other hand, does not mark up the price of what you order, so that you can cheaply and conveniently have any alcohol from any B.C. liquor store delivered to where you want it, when you want it.

Running late with no time to stop at a liquor store?

It’s 7pm, and you are finally finished getting dressed and ready to hit the party, which starts at….7pm. You just want to hop in a cab and get there, and there is no time to stop and grab your booze. The solution? Open the ParcelPal app, order your booze and have it delivered to where you are going. Chances are it will get there at the same time as you do. No parking space searches, no lineups, and no hassles.

Already had a few and need some more?

It’s Friday night and your party is in full swing mode. Fun is being had by all and the drinks are flowing like a river. But the supply is dwindling, and the awesome night is suddenly threatened. What do you do? Instead of risking a drunk driving charge, or spending way too much on a taxi, just use the app to get some more booze delivered. Trust us, the app is easy enough to use, even when you have a had a few, and there is zero chance of being pulled over for using it.

Liquor store too far and feeling a bit lazy?

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you are watching some football with your pals. Unfortunately, the two cases of beer in your fridge are simply not enough. But there is no way you are going to miss any of the game and any of the fun. You have a problem. If you live in Vancouver, then you have probably already experienced that sad fact that there are simply not enough liquor stores to conveniently serve every neighbourhood. No one wants to spend an hour on the road making a round trip to the liquor store. That’s valuable drinking time. And if you don’t own a car, then it is even more of a no-brainer: open the app, order, and get it delivered fast, all without a mark up. You won’t miss a play.

So whether it’s food, booze, or both, ParcelPal makes it easy and affordable to have it delivered exactly to where you need it. No $30 six-packs, no hidden costs, no hassles. Just open the iOS app, order, and keep on having fun. Don’t have an iPhone? Sign up here.