The Best Soup and Sandwich Joints in Vancouver

There is just something about soup. You can slurp it, you can drink it, you can dip your bread in it. It can be chunky or liquidy. It’s hot and comforting, evoking memories of mom and childhood. When it comes to food, soup is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly winter day. And while soup can be pretty awesome on its own, it is even better when paired with the perfect dipping vehicle: a sandwich. Whether grilled or cold, sandwiches are the perfect partner with any kind of soup.

Here are five restaurants in Vancouver that you can count on for a hearty, flavourful, comforting bowl of soup, and an equally tasty sandwich. Whether eating in or using ParcelPal to get it delivered to the comfort of your home, these soup and sandwich combos will not disappoint.


With four Vancouver locations – downtown, Kitsilano, and Olympic Village – Tractor is a Vancouver favourite for “everyday healthy food.” At Tractor, you will find a pretty basic menu of salads, grilled proteins, stews, and of course soups and sandwiches. And while Tractor has earned a reputation for its healthy approach to food, make no mistake: the food is fresh, comforting and delicious. Case in point: their Tomato Fennel soup paired with their Grilled Chicken sandwich, which includes arugula, pear, house pickled onions, and a pesto aioli on their home-made sourdough bread.


Hubbub is a downtown lunch hot spot. Lineups are the norm during peak lunch hours, so getting their tasty food delivered is often the way to go. Everything at Hubbub is made in-house, including their rotating soups, including classics like mushroom, corn chowder, and tomato-basil. The sandwiches at Hubbub are done a little differently. Each sandwich begins with the same base: Hubbub secret sauce, romaine lettuce, cilantro, pickled jalapenos, and crunchy caramelized onions, on a toasted baguette. All that’s left for you to do is add a protein: pulled pork, chicken breast, turkey sausage, prawn, or veggie. Paired with a steaming bowl of soup, it is the perfect Fall lunch.


Photo courtesy of @Dailyhive

Forage has forged a reputation in Vancouver for its sustainable approach to food and cooking. Located at the corner of Robson and Jervis in Vancouver’s West End, Forage is popular destination for breakfast, brunch and dinner. And while pretty much all their food kicks ass, they are on this list for one particular soup and sandwich combo. The soup? Their award-winning seafood chowder, with chicharron and a quail’s egg. The sandwich? Double fried pork cutlet sandwich, with gouda, fried egg, house made pickle, and their house made “thousand island” dressing. It’s everything you need right now!


Like their name implies, Gastown’s Crab Park Chowdery is a soup and sandwich joint, with the emphasis on soup. More specifically: rich, thick, and delicious chowders. Soup options include a classic New England Clam chowder, with double-smoked bacon; a Loaded Baked Potato soup, with Yukon gold potatoes and aged white cheddar; or a Smokey Tomato, with plum tomatoes and chipotle. Pair that chowder with one of three sandwiches – Lobster, Grilled Cheese, or Big Beef – and you have a delectable soup and sandwich combo.


Even before they were featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” Meat and Bread had established itself as Vancouver’s premier sandwich shop. In fact, while their meatball and buffalo chicken sandwiches are tasty AF, their Porchetta sandwich, with salsa verde and crackling, may be one the top ten best sandwiches on the planet. No joke. But while their sandwich game is undisputed, their soup game is totally underrated. From cauliflower to potato to tomato, their simple and tasty soups are the perfect dance partner to their mouth-watering sandwiches.

So when the rain is falling and the wind is blowing, and the only thing that will lift your spirits is a tasty soup and sandwich, hit up one of these places. Better yet, stay on your couch, keep the TV on, and pull out your phone. Order online or through our app, choose your restaurant, choose your soup and sandwich, and then sit back and wait for it to show up to your door. That’s how you eat like a boss.