10 Christmas Gifts That He Really Wants

The Christmas season is almost upon us once again. And with it comes all the requisite Christmas trappings: eggnog lattes, ubiquitous holiday music, free candy canes, and gaudy decorations. Oh, and Christmas also brings one more thing, loved by some and loathed by others: shopping. And let’s be honest: men are frigging hard to Christmas shop for. We’re picky, unpredictable and often, shopping for us can be a pretty challenging guessing game.

To help with that challenge, we bring you 10 Christmas gifts you can find in Vancouver stores that are sure to make at least one man happy. Hopefully, that one man is yours.


1. Bang and Olufsen H5 Active Wireless Earbuds ($299)

Two things that most dudes have an interest in are music and technology. Whether he’s commuting, working out, or just chilling out, these high end earbuds will blow him away. Aside from being wireless (perfect for the gym), the sound quality of these buds is everything you would expect from Bang and Olufsen: awesome AF. Available in black and moss green.


2. Turkish Cotton Fouta ($68.95)

A lesser known fact about the male species: most guys love to kick it old school every once in awhile. And fewer things are more old school than a Turkish Fouta. Originally used as a towel in the Turkish baths of ancient times, the Fouta is the Swiss army knife of towels. It can be used as a bath towel, a beach towel, a blanket, a scarf, a tablecloth and more. Most of us love versatility in our products, and the Turkish Fouta is as versatile as they come. Plus, being 100% cotton, old school never felt so soft.


3. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines ($77)

Guys and cars go together like hamburgers and fries. A man’s ability to talk cars is as essential as his ability to talk sports. So whether the man in your life is into cars or not, this book is a perfect gift. If he’s into cars, he will drool over the stories and pictures of the some of the most iconic classic automobiles of the 20th century. If he is not into cars, then this book will at least make sure he can talk the talk.

All three available at Litchfield (38 Water St.)


4. Jack Black Deep Dive Gycolic Facial Cleanser ($23)

Guys are notorious for not grooming themselves properly. While the much of the female species is well-versed on cleansers and moisturizers, most guys haven’t even opened the book. While the name alone makes this cleanser worth buying, its qualities go far beyond the name. This baby cleans, exfoliates, and purifies the skin. It can be used as a mask or as a daily cleanser. Just tell him it will make you want to touch his face more.


5. Brooklyn Grooming Co. Classic Beard Balm ($32)

If you live in Vancouver, chances are that the man in your life either has a beard, or wants to grow one. And beards need pampering too. And with ingredients like hempseed and sesame oils, beeswax, and shea butter, this balm will keep that beard looking good, and feeling even better. Plus, it’s available in 5 unique scents, all named after Brooklyn neighbourhoods.

Both available at Masc (433 Davie St.)


6. Rains Jacket Black ($129.99))

Buying clothes for a guy is like playing roulette: it is a total crapshoot. Guys have their own style, even if most of us cannot define what it is. The key to successfully buying clothes for a dude is to keep it simple, basic, and classic. That’s why this black rubber rain jacket is the perfect gift. It ticks all the boxes, it is versatile enough to wear with any outfit and for any occasion, and because it’s made of rubber, it is super easy to clean.

Available at El Kartel (104 E. Pender St.)


7. The Horse Original Rose Gold/Black Watch ($149)

Buying a watch for a guy is a no-brainer. They have an old school, classic vibe to them, which has only been enhanced by our increasing use of phones to check the time. But watches are making a comeback, combining style and utility into a must-have accessory for cool dudes. And this Australian watch, with black strap, black face, and rose gold trim, has the perfect classic look. Plus, what guy wouldn’t want to rock a watch name the Horse?


8. Cheers Motherfu**er Flask ($80)

Every self-respecting member of the male species should own a flask. Period. Buying a flask for a guy is a way of saying, “Here, you can now drink whenever you want.” And when that flask is classic stainless steel, thin enough to fit into any pocket, and says, “Cheers Motherfu**er” on it, then it becomes even more of a no-brainer.

Both available at Nouvelle Nouvelle (302 W. Cordova St, & 208 E. 12th Ave.)


9. Haring Novel Duffle Bag ($89.99)

Keith Haring was an New York artist who rose to iconic following his death in 1990. His art and designs are synonymous with New York street art, and have been used by companies around the world. Now Vancouver’s own Herschel Supply Co. have released their Keith Haring collection. This duffle bag, subtly covered in the classic Haring design, is as versatile as they come. It’s perfect for the gym, going travelling, or just heading to the office. And to increase the cool factor, it comes with a hidden shoe compartment to quarantine his sweaty gym sneakers.


10. Hank Wallet ($59.99)

Every man needs a wallet, and chances are that the man you are buying for has an old, faded wallet, bulging George Costanza-style with stuff he doesn’t need. Buying a simple and thin black leather wallet will not only force him to do some much needed wallet inventory, but will provide him with something classic and stylish. And there is even room for a picture of you.

Both available at Available at Herschel Supply Co.

Christmas shopping for guys does not have to be a frustrating, what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-get-him ordeal. If you don’t know what he wants, then we do. Any of these 10 gifts will make him happy, and will make you feel like a hero. And here is more free advice: avoid the hustle, bustle, and long lineups of Christmas shopping by choosing ParcelPal as your shipping option. Customers of Masc and Litchfield can get there order in as little as 30 minutes.