10 Christmas Gifts She Really Wants

Buying a Christmas gift for a lady in your life can be a bit like entering a minefield. There are definitely things you want to avoid when buying her a gift: tacky, unimaginative, boring. Instead, you need to take risks, be imaginative, thoughtful, and unique in your gift buying. You also have to know the person you are buying for, and remember that you are buying for her, and not for yourself. But where do you start? You start below, with our list of 10 Christmas Gifts She Really wants. There is bound to be something here that will make you a gift-buying hero.


1. WXYZ Stud “Tack” Earrings ($135)

Available in silver and gold, these slightly quirky earrings are for the lady who loves a little attention. These babies are cool enough to start a conversation, yet stylish and elegant enough to wear anywhere. What girl doesn’t want to hear the question, “Oh my god, those earrings are so rad – where did you get them?” Plus, they are made in Brooklyn, which triples the cool factor.


2. Athena Procopiou Fringe Kimono ($435)

You know that they say: nothing says love like a kimono. Well, actually no one has ever said that, but this kimono is a perfect for the woman you love. It’s unique, it’s funky, it’s sexy, it’s versatile, and it’s 100% silk. Say no more. While this may seem like a risky purchase, trust us: it will pay off in spades.


3. Athena Procopiou Blue Leopard Scarf ($175)

If you are not ready to go all in with the kimono, then this scarf will do just nicely. Most girls like versatility in their clothing, and this fits the bill: scarf, shawl, blanket, wrap. It’s like four presents in one. Plus, it’s made in Italy.

All available at Wardrobe Apparel.


4. Dodo Bar Or “Big Eye” Necklace ($195)

Buying jewelry for her can sometimes be a tricky affair, filled with questions like, “What if she thinks it’s ugly?” and “What if I can’t return it?” Your best bet when buying jewelry is to stick to things that are simple, elegant, and versatile. And this “Big Eye” necklace fits the bill perfectly. The Egyptian-inspired eye is based on the ancient Egyptian belief that jewelry is worn to protect the wearer, which gives you a perfect story.


5. Joseph Cashair Classic Cardigan ($297)

Trust us on this one: every girl loves a cardigan. They can be worn on their own (open or buttoned up) and they can also be used for layering. Cardigans are a fashion staple. Now, if you are thinking, “Buying a sweater doesn’t seem very romantic or thoughtful,” then let’s break it down. Buying a $40 cardigan from the Gap is neither romantic or thoughtful – unless you are about to graduate from junior high. However, buying a Joseph classic cardigan, made with ultra soft pure cashmere, is most certainly both.


6. Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask ($90)

There are three things that all women love: their skin, the spa, and chocolate. That fact alone makes this Cacao Mask the perfect gift. It is a facial treatment that uses the rich antioxidants of cacao and natural plant oils to cleanse, moisturize, and rejuvenate skin. And who wouldn’t want to slather their face with chocolate?

Available at Rebecca Bree (3680 W. 4Th Ave)


7. Piperwest Marble Minimalist Watch in Rose Gold & Blush ($183)

A watch may seem like a pretty mundane gift, but it all depends on the watch you are buying. A good watch is as much a fashion accessory as it is a timepiece, and this watch is both fashion-friendly and unique. One of the coolest features is the marble face, but it is the polished rose gold case that gives it some style and elegance. The rose gold Italian leather strap is just fashion gravy.

Available at Lynn Steven (225 Carrall St.)


8. Erin Templeton TGIF Bag ($170)

There are two things most girls can never have enough of: shoes and bags. And this is a great bag. Like the name suggests, the TGIF bag is the perfect weekend purse. Big enough to hold everything she needs, small enough to not be cumbersome, and stylish enough to turn a few heads. Plus, it is handmade locally using 100% recycled leather, making it a truly unique gift. It also comes in a variety of colours, and picking the right one is all on you.


9. Carli Sita Solidarity Necklace ($75)

A present for the socially aware female, who actually gives a sh*t about what’s happening in the world. Designed and made in Vancouver, this is a necklace with a message, perfect for the world we find ourselves living in. The fist represents consciousness, solidarity and equal rights for all, a message no one can argue with. She can wear it with pride, and will love you for buying it for her. Christmas presents just don’t get much cooler.

Available at Woo To See You (1062 Mainland St. & 3671 Main St.)


10. Kiss and Makeup Bag ($55)

You have a couple of options with this one: give it to her empty as a stocking-stuffer type present, or fill it with all sorts of beauty items and make it a one-of-kind present. Either way, you will win, because this is made locally with 100% recycled leather. It is simple, cute, and super functional, because she (or you) can pretty much fill it with whatever she (or you) sees fit.

Both available at Available at Erin Templeton (511 Carrall St.)

You are now all set to be a Christmas hero. Whether you feel like braving the Christmas shopping hordes, or feel like buying it all from the comfort of your home, you are now armed with all the ideas you need. Customers of Wardrobe Apparel and Rebecca Bree can get there order in as little as 30 minutes by selecting ParcelPal as your delivery option. If you have feeling that the special lady in your life might be running out of ideas for you, tell her to check out 10 Gifts He Really Wants for Christmas or maybe you really want that Athena Procopiou Blue Leopard Scarf. Either way you both end up feeling like heroes.