7 Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gifts

If you have somehow missed the annual onslaught of gaudy lights, stuffy, crowded malls, and cheesy songs, then take it from us: Christmas season is upon us. And during this holiday season, there are generally two types of people: those who finish their Christmas shopping in August and coast towards Christmas with a stress-free, smug look on their faces…and then there is the rest of us. But we shouldn’t be ashamed that we leave our Christmas shopping until the last minute. It’s human nature to procrastinate. It’s perfectly normal.

So to all the procrastinators: we know how you feel. And this is why we have given you a list of 7 perfect last minute gifts you can easily buy (or get delivered) in time to get the job done.


1. Camp and Canoe Wood Print Collection ($4.50 – $119)

What do you get when you combine retro coolness with handmade art? The Camp and Canoe collection at Reclaimed Print. This is for the person in your life who loves camping and the outdoors, or who pretends to like camping and the outdoors. These retro-looking images are locally-made and printed on 100% sustainable birch wood. They are available in 4 sizes, from 4” x 4” coaster size to 22” x 22” wall hanging size. The perfect hipster gift.


2. Andy Warhol Pup Art ($98 – $169)

The perfect gift for the dog owner in your life, these prints are available in two sizes: 14” x 14” and 22” x 22” and are super easy to hang. But that’s not the best part: the prints are also fully customisable. All you have to do is get a photo of the pup in question, send it in to the good folks at Reclaimed Print, and they will turn into a funky art piece, printed on beautiful, local birch wood. The perfect personalized gift.


3. Serenity Prayer Nautical ($29.95 – $119)

This one is for the boat and water lovers in your life…or even those of Irish descent. Available in 3 sizes, this print includes the classic serenity prayer and nautical imagery on unstained, local birch wood. Perfect for the boat or the home.

All available at Reclaimed Print Reclaimed Print.


4. Brickell Essential Travel Dopp Kit ($91)

For the travellin’ man, or even just a dude who likes to take care of himself. This is a great gift because it not includes some really high quality men’s grooming products, but it also comes with a cool leather travel bag. The kick-ass Brickell products included here are everything a man needs: Charcoal Face Wash, Daily Face Moisturizer, Brushless Shaving Cream, and Strengthening Shampoo. The perfect grooming gift.


5. Baxter of California Skin Starter Set ($68)

If the man in your life is like most guys, then he probably does not take care of his skin as well as he should (or you do). This is the perfect gift to change all that. When it comes to skin care, Baxter of California is where it’s at. And as a starter set, it is easy to use and easy to get your man on the road to softer skin. It’s definitely not set of power tools, but it’s the perfect gift for open-minded guys.

Both available at Masc (433 Davie St.)


6. Nightshirt in “Carnaby” Plaid ($270)

Buying lingerie for your bae is a super risky affair, as you have to deal with so many variables: the size, the cut, the look, the feeling of utter hopelessness as you find yourself lost in the middle of a lingerie store. This is a much safer, cooler sleepwear option. With this nightshirt, inspired by a classic men’s chemise, It’s like she is sleeping in your shirt, except a much softer and stylish version. The perfect Christmas Eve gift.

Available at Rebecca Bree


7. Found My Animal Natural Rope Leash ($92.95)

Another gift for the dog owner in your life, this leash is also a feel-good purchase. Originally made for the founder’s rescue pup in 2006, these nautically-inspired, hand-spliced rope leashes are a perfect combination of cool and kick ass, and they are built to last a lifetime. The feel good part? A portion of the proceeds from each purchase go towards helping abandoned puppies find homes. The perfect giving-back gift.

Available at Old Faithful (320 W. Cordova St.)

So no matter who you have procrastinated buying gifts for, something from this list is definitely bound to do the trick. Each of these gifts will make you look thoughtful and creative, even if you did leave it until the last minute. Of course, one of the worst things about last minute Christmas shopping is the zoo-like atmosphere in the stores and malls. So feel free to avoid the zoo by visiting the stores website, and selecting ParcelPal as your delivery option. Now that’s how you do it.