6 Vancouver Restaurants That Won’t F#@k Up Your New Year’s Resolution

If the Christmas season is a time of gluttony and indulgence, then January is a time of guilt and resolutions. From mom’s treats to the endless parade of Christmas parties, you have definitely had your fill of food and drink. And now you have resolved to put the brakes on. But…you still have to eat! So what do you do? You play it smart and you play it healthy.

Here are 6 Vancouver restaurants that won’t F-up your resolution to eat better, but still keep it tasty. Whether you are eating in, taking out, or getting it delivered through the ParcelPal iOS app, these spots offer delicious, quality, guilt-free food, perfect for your post-Christmas hankerings.


Nothing too fancy here, but everything is made in-house from scratch, and it’s always on point. From fresh soups to salads to sandwiches, Peqish ticks all the guilt-free boxes: local, healthy, tasty. Try one of their classic lunchbox sandwiches, like the West Coast Salmon Salad; or dive into one of their house made soups, like the Roasted Chicken Chili; or dig into one of their insanely fresh salads, like the classic Cobb. Their baked goods are also outta this world, but we’ll leave that up to you. Whatever you choose, your tummy and conscience will love you.

Bonus: Killer breakfast wraps.


Diners are not normally known for their healthy, quality fare. We normally hit up a diner when we want copious amounts of grease and gravy. Elements changes that perception in a big way. Elements serves up creative and kick-ass East-meets-West diner food. Creative fusion dishes, like their Edamame Waldorf Salad or their Honey-Soy Glazed Eggplant sandwich, are the norm here. But make sure you sample the Crispy Pata, a large pork knuckle with their house made spiced soy vinaigrette.

Bonus: Rice Pizza. That’s right: Rice Pizza.

If ever there was a month you were going to try some organic, raw, plant-based food, then January is that month…and Zend Conscious Lounge is that place. Their mission: to help you grow a stronger, healthier & happier mind, body & soul. And after your holiday season indulgence, isn’t that exactly what the doctor ordered? Try a Raw Burger or a Kelp-Noodle Pasta or some Buckwheat Pancakes, and watch the guilt float away.

Bonus: Their Botanical Bar, with a nice assortment of juices and “cocktails.”


Quick trivia question: what did Elaine Benes from Seinfeld order every time she went to Monk’s Cafe? Answer: a big salad. Because sometimes all we want is a big salad, especially in January. Enter Field & Social, a place where the only things on the menu are some of the best salads in Vancouver. You will not only find their creative take on classic salads, like the cobb, the caesar, and the Greek, but also their own tasty concoctions, like the Maple Tahini and the Avofresco.

Bonus: tasty add-ons, like smoked tofu, roasted chicken breast, and ramen egg.


Heritage Eatery is all about a creative twist on classic Asian comfort foods, using local ingredients and a lot of flair. Perfect for your post-Christmas “cleanse,” Heritage offers tasty AF Asian food without the grease and MSG. We are talkin’ things like the Shitaake Mushroom Bao w/ crispy onion; or the Pork Belly Rice Bowl w/ a slow-cooked marinated egg; or the Beef Tataki w/ ginger soy dressing. It’s 100% Asian food with 0% of the guilt.

Bonus: Fried Cauliflower.

Tractor has fast become Vancouver’s go-to joint for super tasty, super healthy, super awesome comfort food. And it’s all served cafeteria-style, which is always fun. Tractor is a mix-n-matcher’s heaven. Start with one of their 11 veggie salads, which star everything from kale and beets, to quinoa and kimchi. Then choose from a mouth-watering selection of proteins, like chicken breast, albacore tuna, or chili lime prawns. You can also pair your salad with a warm soup or stew, like the Moroccan Chicken w/ Chickpeas, or a fresh sandwich (chicken, turkey, or veggie). However you choose to mix and match, it is gonna hit the spot.

Bonus: they serve beer!

You really don’t need to feel guilty after the Christmas season. Sure, you ate and drank too much, but so did everybody else. And with the new year here, you can resolve to treat your body better. And visiting any of these six spots will help you do that, while still allowing you to get your eat on. The best bonus of all is that you can use your ParcelPal iOS app to get all the healthy yumminess delivered to your door.