Why You Need to Start Using Grocery Delivery

It’s 2018, and when it comes to on-demand grocery delivery, the question is not should I do it? but why haven’t I done it sooner? Seriously, when you consider all the benefits, grocery delivery is tailor-made for the mobile-friendly 21st century. Let’s face it, we are all busy AF, trying to squeeze every last ounce of time out of our days, and grocery shopping, with its time-munching drives and aisle wandering and lineups, has become a pain in the ass.

Those days are gone, and grocery delivery is the future. Don’t believe us? Well, all you have to do is check out the benefits:

1. Saving That Precious Time

How many times in our lives have we been told that time is money. We get it. Consider your average trip to the grocery store. First, there is getting there. Whether you are driving, cabbing, or hoofing it, you are spending anywhere from half an hour to an hour just getting there and back. Then there is the store itself, filled with a myriad of aisles and slow-moving shoppers. Add in the inevitable checkout lineups, and you are looking at another 30 least. That leaves a conservative estimate of at least an hour you have spent buying your groceries. Just think of the million other things you could have been doing with that precious time.

2. No More Impulse Buying

How many times have you gone to the grocery store to pick up a few things only to return with a whole whack of crap you don’t need? Impulse buying – usually in the form of snacks and sweets and other unhealthy tidbits – costs you both money and guilt. When you create your shopping list on the ParcelPal app and then get your groceries delivered, you also remove the evil of impulse buying. Just think of all the money and guilt you will save.

3. Plan Meals, Recipes, and Budgets With Your Fingertips

If you are the kind of person who likes numbers and lists and budgeting, then ordering groceries online is definitely for you. Make a list, find the items and order. Keep track of every penny you spend. You can even compare items for the best deal and find items on sale. Or perhaps there is a recipe you want to tackle. Just make the ingredient list your shopping list. All your lists and invoices can be saved online for easy retrieval. Perfect for number lovers.

4. Convenience

Sick? Hungover? Broken ankle? Don’t want to get out of your pyjamas? Raining outside? In the middle of binge-watching? Studying for a test? Doing some last minute party planning? Had a few drinks? Order your groceries without leaving your couch. Outside of the groceries falling from the sky, it simply does not get any more convenient than that.

5. Shop for Someone Else

Your parents are getting older and live on the other side of town (or the other side of the country). Their idea of new technology is the DVD player you bought them ten years ago. Why not be a thoughtful child and buy them some groceries? Or maybe your girlfriend is stuck at home under the weight of work and deadlines. You know she doesn’t have time to go grocery shopping. Why not be a thoughtful boyfriend and buy her some groceries? One of the best things about on-demand grocery delivery is that you can get your grocery order delivered to any address. And you get all the props.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in Vancouver, now is the time to give grocery delivery a shot and reap all the benefits. Open your ParcelPal app, choose from Nesters, IGA or Whole Foods, and get shopping. No driving, no lineups, no impulse buys, no wasted time. Just everything you want, delivered to your door. No, you’re not dreaming.