The Best BBQ Joints In Vancouver

Another Summer is just around the corner. And when it comes to Summer in Vancouver, there are a few things we can always count on: crowded beaches, visible tan lines, pesky wasps, and the best of all, delicious barbeque. It really doesn’t matter the kind of meat, or whether its paired with a beer or lemonade, there is something summery and special about good barbeque. And despite the fact that we are hundreds of miles from the American South, Vancouver still has its fair share of tasty BBQ joints, whether you are heading out with friends, or getting it delivered to your door.


Vancouver’s original barbeque restaurant is still going strong, with three locations, including one smack dab in the middle of Robson Street. As the name suggests, Memphis Blues serves up good ol’ Tennessee barbeque: tender meats slathered in a mouth-watering sauce. This is extra napkin-style barbeque at its best. Highlights include the Full Slab of Ribs and the Smoked Pulled Pork, both served with house made coleslaw, barbeque pit beans, and fries or potato salad. With apologies to the colonel, this is truly finger lickin’ good.

Side to Try: The Collard Greens: cooked in chicken broth and loaded with rib meat.


Named after legendary western film director, Sam Peckinpah (the Wild Bunch), Peckinpah specializes in Carolina barbeque, which uses vinegar-based sauces, instead of the more traditional tomato-based sauces you find with most southern barbeque. And this is some seriously tasty and authentic Carolina barbeque. Choose your meat (beef brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, chicken or sausage), pick your side(S), and get your feast on. They also have a killer selection of beers and whiskeys to wash it all down with.

Side to Try: Three words: Deep Fried Pickles.

TThe West End’s premier barbeque joint serves up an array of regional barbeque from the American South. So you can try a rack of pork ribs, smoked Memphis style, or a rack of beef baby ribs, smoked Texas style. If there is just a couple of you and you are hungry AF, try the Half Stop BBQ Platter, with Beef Back Ribs, Pork Ribs, Brisket, Smoked Chicken & Pulled Pork with Hush Puppies, Cornbread, and Honey Butter. You may need a wheelbarrow to get outta there, but it will be worth it.

Side to Try: Buffalo Cauliflower.


At Devil’s Elbow, it is all about the smoke (and the beer…and the bourbon). And the smoked meat at Devil’s Elbow (brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, chicken & sausage) would make the devil himself proud. Try it as a plate or platter, or have it in a sandwich. Either way, it’s smoky, sweet, and satisfying. And no trip to Devil’s Elbow is complete without digging into their Chicken N Waffles, with cajun-breaded buttermilk chicken, smoked maple syrup, and honey butter. And their beer and whiskey selection is stacked!

Side to Try: Dirty Fries: sausage gravy, jalapeno, parmesan & crispy onions.


Dixie’s is all about Central Texas barbeque, and that means it’s all about the cooking and smoking of the meat. In Texas, sauce is secondary, and in some places even frowned upon. Texas barbeque is all about smoky, tender meat falling off the bone. All meats at Dixie’s are prepared in their own smoker, and they will only sell what they can fit in their smoker each day. No day old meat at Dixie’s. If you wanna try true Texas barbeque, dig into the Smoked Pork Butt, featuring their own dry rub. It’ll make you want to hop the next plane to Austin.

Side to Try: Serrano Cheese Spinach.

There is just something about barbeque. The smell, the taste, the finger-lickin’ mess. It screams Summer, and it is the perfect accompaniment to cold beer. Sure, grilling your own meat on the patio can be fun, but sometimes you want someone else to do all the work. So visit one of these Vancouver barbeque joints, or get it delivered to your house. And get your meat on.


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