Free Food Truck Festival in Vancouver

Free Food Truck Festival in Vancouver

In trying to keep up with Vancouver’s urban lifestyle, it’s difficult to find the time to make decadent meals.  Food trucks have revamped the dining experience, by recreating street food as a convenient, gourmet option. A variety of comfort food from around the world are spotted on the corners of the busiest streets of downtown Vancouver.

All the best food trucks will be gathering at the Concord Pacific on September 16th to serve you all kinds of mouth-watering meals. Along with great food, there will be live entertainment and artisan markets.

Here are some food trucks that will be attending:

  • Tacofino –  has recreated the authentic Mexican dish with a blend of west coast flavours.  They are deemed to serve the finest and freshest fish tacos in BC.
  • Reel Mac n Cheese – has taken this nostalgic comfort food and transformed into a modern delight.
    Each served with handcrafted macaroni, combined with an assortment of cheeses and spices.
  • The Reef – is dedicated to bringing the vibrant taste of the Caribbean. Flavourful vegetarian options are available to satisfy your tropical craving.


Although street food is accessible and easy, it isn’t the best alternative. ParcelPal can deliver well-prepared cuisines from your favourite restaurants within an hour.  More than just a food delivery service, we deliver anything you need, anytime.

We will be at the Food Truck Festival to answer all your questions while devouring all the best foods and drinks! Come find us for a ton of surprises.