Screw Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Here’s 5 Better Ways to Use Pumpkin

It’s sweater weather season once again. That means all your basic pumpkin spice beverages are out everywhere.  Forget your average holiday PSL and pumpkin pie, its time to explore the other wonders of this fall favourite. We’ve got something for those sugar craving lovers and savory enthusiasts.

Pumpkin Soup

Screw those instant chicken noodle cups. You deserve better. Try a giant bowl of this palatable soup for those cold autumn nights. This versatile dish can be transformed into a vegan, dairy-free pleasure to a hearty indulgence, combined with your choice of protein.  Complement it with a buttery toast or a couple (or more) saltine crackers.&nbsp

Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

This screams autumnal in a cup! Satisfy your sweet tooth by combining these two seasonal favourites. This ingredient adds a twist to this nostalgic classic; perfect for all ages. Top it off with vanilla ice cream or whip cream and chocolate shavings. If that’s too basic for you, add toasted marshmallows with graham cracker crumbles instead.

Pumpkin Mash Potatoes

Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner! And what would Thanksgiving dinner be without mash potatoes? Not a terrific one that’s for sure. We know there’s an immense amount of pressure to create the perfect balance of flavour and moisture. So, impress your guests with your cooking skills by incorporating pumpkin as your secret weapon. The pumpkin will enhance the potatoes’s texture and succulence. This dish, with a layer or two of cheese and breadcrumbs, will be a delicious accompaniment to your turkey and cranberry sauce.

Pumpkin Croissant

Buttery. Flakey. Delicate. This pastry does not disappoint. It’s the perfect complement to a cup of coffee or any hot beverage of your choice. Croissants come in all kinds of flavors from the simpleness of plain butter to a scrumptious almond, chocolate crunch. This autumn, enjoy this baked good stuffed with pumpkin spice filling and coated in a sugar-cinnamon mixture.

Pumpkin Face Mask

Add this natural anti-aging remedy and moisturizer to your next skincare routine. This squash-related vegetable is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and magnesium. These nutrients help produce collagen which reduces dryness and wrinkles; leaving your skin glowing, refreshed and soft. It’s organic and inexpensive unlike many branded products packed with unnecessary, difficult to pronounce components.

Bonus: Pumpkin Bowl

Use the pumpkin as an edible bowl. It’s a decorative way to serve soup, cocktails or fondue (chocolate or cheese), perfect for themed parties and events.