Underrated Japanese Restaurants That Offer Sushi Delivery

If Seattle has Starbucks, Vancouver has sushi. Throughout the city, Japanese culture has influenced our fashion, style, and food. It’s hard not to love those mouth-watering snacks and candies found at Japanese convenience stores. Large retailers like Muji and Uniqlo, stocked with the latest trends, make it difficult to save money. It’s safe to say we’ve embraced the culture with open arms. But, if there’s one thing Vancouverites love the most, it’s sushi, and more so sushi delivery.

There are over 200 sushi restaurants lining the robust streets of Downtown Vancouver. Expect to find whatever you’re craving for, whether it’s authentic-traditional or out-of-this-world sushi. Here are a few hidden gems that should be on your ‘sushi to try’ list. If you’re too lazy to go out to and try these eateries, well there’s always sushi delivery. Order with our app and get sushi delivery within an hour.

Momo Sushi

This is the place to visit, if you’re looking for something quick and inexpensive.  All their sushi rolls and specialty dishes are under $20. Two or three rolls will keep you satisfied until your next meal. Although their sushi is a crowd favorite, many customers enjoy their selected Koran options. One of those are Bibimbap, Korean fried rice.

Sake Maki Restaurant

Are you tired of eating mainstream California rolls? Are you looking to try something outside of your comfort zone? This joint, located on Commercial drive, have some crazy sushi creations. The Viagra roll, prepared with deep-fried oysters and salmon tempura, one of their notable inventions. If you enjoy sharing your restaurant experiences then participate in Sake Maki’s Review Rewards Program. It is an incentive for customers to provide feedback and in return receive a five dollar gift card. Now, that’s five extra dollars you could spend on more sushi.

Alpha Sushi + Bar

This under-the-radar restaurant is serving up some amazing sushi. Customers highly recommend the Spicy Tuna Prawn roll and the Granville roll.  Both dishes have been praised for their palatable taste. The prawn and crab meat are complemented with the right touch of spiciness and seasonings.  Pair your meal with a drink or two from their extensive cocktail menu.


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