A delivery app that’s there for you. *wink*

Dating can be a nuisance and downright terrible. So, who needs a boyfriend, when you’ve got ParcelPal. With ParcelPal’s new Get Anything feature you get all the qualities of a ‘perfect man’ without the hard work. And, you don’t even need to impress us with your outstanding cooking skills or humorous jokes.

We won’t argue with you for hours trying to decide what to eat, we’ll pick up whatever you’re craving for. Is it that time of the month? We’ll bring you tampons and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s or whatever else you need, no questions asked. We’ll even carry all your items without complaining about how much stuff you bought. Having a terrible day? We’ll deliver your favourite bottle of wine. And we won’t judge you if you drink a whole bottle (or two) all by yourself.

We know how difficult it is to trust someone nowadays. So, with our real-time tracking system, you’ll know where and how far we are every minute. So you can limit the obsessive texting and calling. We know the waiting game sucks, so we’ll be at your door within an hour.


Cant find what you’re looking for?

Although it won’t solve all your boy problems, it’ll help relieve some of the pressures of the dating world. We’re consistent, non-judgmental and will get anything you need. Isn’t that what everyone wants?  If this is what you’re looking for in an ‘app’, then download and get ordering!