7 Must-Have Apps for Urban Living

Our list of absolute essential apps captures the essence of living in the urban jungle. Juggling through everyday life is made easier with some of these lifestyle apps that improve and make a difference in many lives, through better organization, self-care, or networking.  

HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been lost within the city limits and figured your way out the old fashioned way. With HERE WeGo, getting around town is easier and more personal. Use offline maps to navigate your way without the internet. Get directions and traffic info making it easier to go from A to B, including transit ticket and carsharing prices, departure times and more. Take your car, your bike or public transit. HERE WeGo shows you all the ways to get around, so you can compare them easily and pick what’s best for you. Now that’s going to make all our lives a little bit easier.

HERE WeGo offers public transit information for 1300+ cities including New York City/NYC, San Francisco/SF, London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and many more. Get where you need to go on subway/metro/subway, bus, bike, train, trolley or ferry.

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ParcelPal – Anything you want, delivered

ParcelPal is the only on-demand delivery app you’ll ever need. They deliver everything from food, alcohol, groceries, flowers, pet supplies, your next phone to clothes, shoes and much more. Whatever it is, they deliver. Shop local – anything from local boutiques to luxury stores in your area. Don’t feel like going out in the cold? Forgot your charger at home? Need a surprise anniversary present? Almost picked up the milk? Anything you can imagine, they pick up/purchase and deliver right to your door. With the hassle free live updates and real-time tracking, you can take your social isolation and laziness to the next level. We’re on board!

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Oak – Meditation & Breathing

Oak helps the anxious and restless energize by transforming meditation practices from experiments into habits. They hold your hands from the first session to the 500th, with mindful, loving-kindness, and sleep meditations as well as unguided sessions and breathing exercises. You can customize your meditations by duration, and put your personal touch with silence or calming background sounds. Oak tracks your progress and encourages you to continue building a healthy meditation practice. Namaste to us!

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Sweatcoin – Sweat for Coins

The joy of movement – quite literally. Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency units called sweatcoins. You can then spend them on goods, services, and experiences in their marketplace featuring current brands and products or exchange them with your friends and family as a gift. Now every movement has value! The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. If you’ve needed an incentive to exercise, this app could give you a much-needed boost to get active. KaChing!

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Mogo – Finance and more!

Mogo is revolutionizing the way we see finance. Now you can rule your finances with the Mogo App — get free credit score monitoring, buy and sell bitcoin easily, protect yourself from identity theft, get instant loan approvals and manage your financial health. The MogoApp is the most convenient way to be smart and intuitive about your money!

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Centr – Get your head in the game!

Chris Hemsworth believes we all have untapped potential. And all we need is support to achieve our goals. Whatever be your goal, age, sex or fitness level, this app puts the world’s best trainers, chefs and holistic experts in the palm of your hands so you can shed those calories and keep it off for good. The best part is, everything is tailored to you; your goal, fitness level and diet preferences. It’s your PT, dietician, chef, and wellness coach all in one.

With daily workout videos, easy and healthy meal prep plans, calming meditations and a weekly planner to round it all off, who needs a personal trainer anymore. We’re jumping right in!  

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Bumble — Date. Meet Friends. Network.

Are you a social butterfly? Need a date for the night or simply wanna be inspired by industry experts? Bumble has changed the way people date, find friends and meet mentors online. Swipe through three different modes.

Bumble: On Bumble, women make the first move. All the dates are centered around respect and good intentions so we can form meaningful relationships.
Bumble BFF: Find your Joey with the Bumble BFF. Whether you’re new to a city or looking to expand your circle, Bumble BFF is the easiest way to make new friends.
Bumble Bizz: Suit and tie kinda feels. Use Bumble Bizz to network, find mentors, and create new career opportunities.

This first-of-its-kind app is conquering the trifecta of dating, friend-finding, and career-building into a single social networking platform.

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So, the next time you want to save time and excuses, while multitasking like a boss, you can download our new iOS delivery app.