Beer cocktails that will keep the party going!

In the mood for a chilled beer or a tasty cocktail? How about both? There are dozens of amazing beer cocktails that blend the best of both worlds. Keep reading for 5 amazing beer cocktail recipes you’ll want to repeat over and over again until you have beer-colored glasses on. For beer lovers who love their drink, you’re welcome!

Raspberry Snakebite

This twist on a Snakebite and Black cocktail uses raspberry lambic instead of hard cider. Topped off with some fresh mint leaves, this is a total knockout!

Recipe here


Root Beer Rum Creams

A cream like soda with a rich creamy flavor. It starts with black spiced rum. Then we have the root beer. And then, a drop of Baileys. Goodness!. This is absolute heaven in a glass.

Recipe here


Blueberry Summer Shandy Cocktail

When it’s hot outside, this is a perfectly balanced Summer Shandy to get your hands on. It’s made with fresh blueberries for an extra layer of fruity goodness. 

Recipe here


The Elvis

A genius amalgamation of bitter notes from grapefruit and ale that perfectly balances the floral sweetness of the gin and liqueur—one sip and it will all make sense.

Recipe here


Winter Is Here(technically a milkshake, but who cares?)

Enjoy this dark stout beer milkshake that’s simple and quick to whip up in the blender. You’ll love how the sweet chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream pair nicely with the rich, chocolatey beer.

Recipe here


When the mood is to whip up some mean beer cocktails at your house party. Worry not! Head to the ‘Get Anything’ section, create your order and sit back. We will get all the supplies you need to make an impression!

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