Fruity, Colourful Summertime Drinks To Enjoy in #YYC!

It’s patio season in Calgary, which means it time to cool down with some delicious and fruity drinks. Whether it’s a cold beer you fancy, a frozen coffee beverage, or a fruity smoothie, enjoying a frozen drink in the sun is something we do not take for granted. Ever! 


Starbucks Iced Honeycomb Lavender

Starbucks is hoping to catch some buzz this summer by introducing Canadians to their Iced Honeycomb Lavender drink, which uses their Blonde Espresso, a honeycomb lavender syrup made using Canadian honey, and a cold foam topping. Slurp!

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McCafé® Real Fruit Smoothies

McDonald’s is celebrating 10 years of summer drink days with real fruit smoothies – made to order with creamy yogurt and a full serving of fruit (no matter what size!), freshly blended with no artificial flavors or colors. Try the new Banana Mango Pineapple Smoothie,  for just $2 all summer long.

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Coors Slice

Savor the summer with the new Coors Slice – it’s the classic Coors taste with just a hint of orange. They say it’s like shouting “Coors!” from the foot of the Rockies and having “orange” echo back. Get your hands on this limited edition summer drink before it runs out! 

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Frozen Lemonade by Tim Hortons

A refreshing frozen drink blended with real lemon, sweetened and served ice cold, this tangy crowd-pleaser comes in Original or Raspberry Flavour. Lemonade should always be this good.

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Here’s how you can get the best summer drinks delivered to your door! Head to our app and order through our list of local stores, or create your custom order through our ‘Get Anything’ section to get your goodies delivered in under an hour.


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