4 reasons why your business needs to offer last-mile delivery.

by Justin Chen - Director of Business Development

In the new age, businesses are investing more than ever to get their products directly into the hands of the consumer. An average level delivery service may be fine for your core group of clients but the challenges don’t end there if you want to expand your business. Great delivery service, on the other hand, sparks urgency from your clients, builds trust and credibility, and sets you up as a reliable leader in the industry.

Every business wants to know how they can service their customers efficiently and accurately, and ultimately generate more sales. The answer could be simple – offer an efficient and affordable last-mile delivery service to your consumers.

So, here are a few reasons why you should offer last-mile delivery to your customers:

  1. Your Competitors are Offering Same Day Delivery (51% of Retailers offer same-day delivery and 65% plan to offer it in 2 years)
    We are always trying to do our best. Unfortunately, consumers are always looking for other options. As Nancy Pearcy put it, “Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.” Tap into newer markets (56% of consumers age 18-34 expect to have same-day delivery and 61% are willing to pay more)
  2. Boost your e-commerce offering (49% of consumers say same-day delivery gives them more reason to shop online/ 25% of consumers will abandon a cart if same-day delivery isn’t offered)
    You are probably already selling online or transitioning your business online at the moment. How can you cater to your customers?
  3. New consumer expectations (96% of consumers believe “fast delivery” to mean same-day)
    If you want to get your client’s attention, it’s crucial to make a strong emphasis on the new consumer expectations and need for “fast delivery”
  4. Industries that abandon order if same-day delivery isn’t offered:
    1. Gifts (41%)
    2. Electronics (31%)
    3. Office Supplies (29%)
    4. Toys (28%)
    5. Entertainment (26%)
    6. Apparel (22%)
    7. Fitness (18%)
    8. Health and Beauty (18%)
    9. Home and Garden (16%)
    10. Pet Goods (16%)

You may know the feeling as a consumer of giving up on an online purchase only to run to the closest floral boutique or Home Hardware for some essential needs. Don’t lose out on any customers. By offering delivery as an option, you will see a huge increase in the total addressable market to your business. 

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Source: https://www.invespcro.com/blog/same-day-delivery/