Become a ParcelPal Partner Liquor Store

Advanced Payment Processing.

We offer a PCI compliant payment gateway that integrates directly into your point-of-sale system through a secure wifi connection. You won’t have to wait for your money, once a transaction is completed on our system payment is sent to you instantly.

Age Verification.

We know operating within the law is important to you. By integrating directly with your point-of-sale payment goes from customer to store without us being involved. We verify legal age at the time of drop-off by checking and scanning the customers ID into our database.

Seamless User Experience.

Our ordering platform is mobile friendly so you won’t have to worry about your customers having a bad user experience when they shop from their phones. We also integrate your store directly to our ParcelPal Marketplace App.

Liquor delivery done right.

Grow your business – ParcelPal brings your customers the things they love

Gain new customers – Increase your visibility through the ParcelPal digital storefront

Cross marketing initiatives with ParcelPal

Expand your reach – Find new customers in new neighborhoods throughout the city

Increased Revenue – By offering your customers a convenient way to make purchases

Customer experience is key, professionally trained couriers

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