Why become a ParcelPal Retail Partner?

Increase Online Revenue.

One of the biggest factors in online purchases is the delivery speed. Many potential customers will abandon their carts when they find out the wait time for their items it 2-3 days. By offering on-demand delivery, customers are more likely to follow through on purchases ensuring you aren’t losing out on sales.

Expand Your Customer Base.

We don’t just handle delivery, when you integrate with ParcelPal we also help you find new customers. Our retail partners get featured on our ordering platform so that we can drive more business to your website.

Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Between competitors offering better alternatives and increasing customer expectations, businesses often find themselves incurring extra costs or worse yet losing customers. Now  your business can offer a better, faster and cheaper delivery option.

On-demand delivery right from the checkout

No monthly fees!

Scheduled pick up times available.

Customer real time tracking.

Integrates directly with your ecommerce providers native checkout process.

Finds closest courier in your area to ensure quick pickup/drop off

Customers can rank couriers on their performance.

Easy-to-use for your customers

Designed for consumers who want their products now!

Customer email notifications.

Our Ecommerce Integrations

Our plugins easily integrate into your website. When a customer chooses ParcelPal from the checkout you will see the order in your admin panel. You can access the order information by clicking on the order #, when you have fulfilled the order and are ready for it to be shipped simply click “Confirm Delivery”. The order status will be updated to fulfilled in the order queue.

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ParcelPal on-demand delivery and Shopify Integration

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Magento and ParcelPal on-demand delivery Integration

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