Sharing Economy

The ParcelPal Story

So you might have heard of ParcelPal before but wondered, “How did they come up with it?” or maybe you haven’t, in this case, here’s our story. About a year ago the four of us were out having a few beers, talking business, bouncing ideas off one another and the conversation quickly turned to the rapid rise in popularity of on-demand services.

Consumer Expectations & The On-Demand Economy – What You Need to Know

There’s been a monumental shift in consumer behaviour over the past decade, driven by the rapid rise of data-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Online shopping is quickly gaining widespread acceptance among Canadians, with Canada Post reporting that over three-quarters of all Canadian households made web-based purchases during 2014.

Consumers have embraced the concept of the on-demand economy, enjoying near-instant access to products and services in record numbers. On-demand media streaming services are providing an attractive alternative to traditional cable television and catching a flick at the local cinema, while marketplaces like Amazon, Esty and Ebay provide shoppers with 24/7 access to their favourite products at will.