Courier Support

Look through our FAQ for any questions you have regarding completing a delivery before contacting the ParcelPal support team.

The Basics

Do I have to sign up to a schedule to receive delivery requests?

No, you can sign on whenever you’d like too. You can also schedule weekly slots. By scheduling yourself for a shift, you will get priority dispatching. This means that you’ll be receiving delivery requests before other ParcelPal delivery drivers that have not scheduled themselves. This gives you the opportunity to potentially earn more cash.

Is there anything I should do before delivering on the platform?
  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel before you start your shift
  • You have enough “delivered by” stickers
  • Make sure you are in the highest demand zones (link to map here)

Create a 5-Star Experience

Call or Text

It’s extremely helpful to communicate with our customers if an issue comes up. We recommend reaching out to the client if:

  • There’s a significant delay in the order (traffic, etc)
  • You are having issues finding the drop off area.
In Person

Always be presentable and have great hygiene. Believe it or not, this can go a long way with customers and how they will rate you. Being friendly to the client by saying “hello” and “thank you” to add a personal touch to the overall experience.

Faster Deliveries = Happier Customers

Whether the job is an “on-demand” or a “same day”, head straight to the pickup and drop off when making deliveries so customers can get their items as fast as possible. Not only will this increase your rating but also your earning potential.

Other tips:

  • Use google maps or Waze to have the most optimal route.
  • Click through the delivery process accurately. This sends messages to our customers on the status of their delivery
Can’t finish the delivery? Can’t get a hold of the customer?

Contact your city manager so they can advise you. You can either re attempt the delivery at a later time, or drop the parcel off at our HQ. This will ensure you receive the highest ratings!

What if I deliver the wrong item at the drop off?

You should contact the recipient as soon as possible to let them know. Mistakes happen, we understand. Be sure to fix this mistake by collecting the good and getting it to the right place!

Accepting and completing a delivery (Business)

Phase 1: Accepting Delivery Request

You’ll be alerted at the bottom of your screen when a new delivery request becomes available. When the request appears, simply tap Accept. You will have 60 seconds to accept the job.

Phase 2: Going to the Pickup Location

Before you head to the pickup address, tap and hold On my way.

The quickest route will be shown on your in-app route but you can use your preferred navigation app. ParcelPal recommends you use Google Maps or Waze.

Phase 3: Picking Up Orders

When you arrive at the pickup address, the order should already be ready for you to collect. If it is not, please ask the personnel to assist you.

Once you arrive at the pickup destination, click “arrived for package pickup”. This tells the client you have arrived.

Once you have the package in your possession, click “on route to delivery destination” to let the client know that you are on your way.

What is there is nobody at the pickup location?

Wait 5 minutes and call the sender. If there’s no answer and you are unable to reach the sender, cancel the order.

Phase 4: Completing Drop Off

Before you hand off the item(s), make sure you are delivering it to the correct person by greeting them with their first name.

Once you have confirmed the person is the correct, complete the transaction in your app by clicking “at delivery destination”.

  • Before you leave the customers location, complete the delivery in your app by having the customer sign for proof of delivery. Then press “submit” to complete the entire process.
    • Ensure you take their full name and signature if required.
  • Let us know how your delivery went by providing feedback. Whether it was an awesome delivery or a so-so delivery, we want to know so we can continuously improve!
  • After the delivery has been complete, some customers may request that you take a photo of the receipt/invoice and either SMS or email it to them.

Types of Service Explained

On Demand Deliveries

Some customers want their products to be moved exceptionally fast. These orders are to be picked up, and arrive in the customers hands within one hour. The app will highlight these orders in green to separate them from Same Day deliveries.

Scheduled Deliveries

Some customers want a precise time for you to show up, so they schedule the pickup time of their deliveries. These orders have the same time parameters as an On Demand delivery. They are to be picked up at the allotted time, and arrive in the customers hands within one hour. Scheduled deliveries show themselves two hours before scheduled pickup time to allow for optimal routing.

These orders are also highlighted in Green.

If you are still unable to find the answer to your questions please contact support.