E-Commerce Integration


Power your delivery with ParcelPal

Your customers today have easy access to on-demand delivery, through major e-commerce companies. ParcelPal allows you to offer that same convenience to customers shopping on your website. By integrating with ParcelPal, you can offer our delivery services as part of your websites current checkout system, to allow your customers to receive products from your store in under an hour.

No monthly fees.

Direct integration with your e-commerce provider.

Designed for consumers who want it now.

Seemless data integration.

Rank based rating for couriers.

Auto customer email notifications.

Real-time tracking for your customers and you.

User-friendly interface for a better experience.

Increased delivery radius to capture new customers.

Increase Online Revenue

A big factor in online purchases today is the time taken for the product to arrive at the customer’s doorstep. Most customers abandon their carts after realizing that the product will take 2 or 3 days to reach them. By offering 1-hr delivery, customers are 35% more likely to follow through on a purchase in your store.

Expand Your Customer Base

When you integrate with ParcelPal, we don’t just handle delivery, we also help you reach new customers. Our partners are optimally placed in our marketplace, which drives new customers to your store.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Become a smart competitor in a market with increased customer expectations. Be a dynamic business that offers convenience at an unbeatable price. Integrate with ParcelPal’s Delivery as a service model, and offer a level of service your competition and their customers will envy.

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E-commerce Integration

Our ParcelPal app on Shopify allows you to easily integrate our services into your website. When a customer chooses ParcelPal during their checkout, you can track the order in your admin panel, and your customers can track their shipment in our app! All you have to do is choose ParcelPal to fulfill your order.