ParcelPal Plus


Give your business the boost it needs.

We believe businesses should deliver the best experience to their customers. By working with us, we become an extension of your business so you can continue to engage and grow your business.

With our algorithms, our all-in-one logistics platform helps you successfully deliver their products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our development team combines innovative thinking, and technical expertise, to solve your complex issues around delivery. Our range of products are built with you and your customer’s experience, in mind. This means each product is technically honed and developed constantly, to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers.

Managed Service

We take care of the day to day headaches of all of your deliveries. From the technology integration to the final mile, we got you covered.

Single Invoicing

We recognize that cash flow is extremely important to your business. We want to be flexible within your business. Let’s talk terms!

Easy Setup

Setup is quick and easy. Our dashboard tells you everything you need to know; alerting you to all on-road activity. You can even check your courier's location via GPS tracking, giving you status updates and peace of mind.

Community Shared Logistics

Participating in the sharing economy helps you save time and cost. Our couriers know their strengths and weaknesses. Our technology platform guides them the entire way to ensure their routes are optimized and diligent. Being a part of our platform allows them to spread the load and ensure they perform at their best for you.

Transparent Service

We are able to locate and deploy the closest driver to your pickup location, ensuring a speedy response time. Our technology transmits notifications for the entire journey so you and your clients so you will every step of the way until the package arrives.

Priced Right

For whatever your business delivers, our mission is to get your products to your customers quickly and conveniently. Get in touch with us today and see how we can bring top-notch quality and efficiency to your deliveries at prices you’ll love.

Want to join our on-demand marketplace?

Where we deliver

British Columbia



Calgary (Coming Soon)


Saskatoon (Coming Soon)


Technology for the Modern Business

Add a touch of class to your business and offer an outstanding customer experience. You will have access to our latest technology; Placing online orders, live tracking, real-time delivery estimates and order scheduling.

We provide our ParcelPal Same Day and next day service for your convenience, which includes a variety of city-wide delivery options. This service is available in Vancouver, Calgary and Saskatoon. Orders can be pre-arranged for same-day pickup and delivery – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year.