On-Demand Delivery

On-Demand Delivery at the touch of a finger

Who ever said that delivery had to be a pain? Why waste your time picking up and dropping things off? Well you don’t have to with ParcelPal, our on-demand delivery app allows you to request a courier  who will pick-up what you need for a fee. One of our couriers will be notified of the job, accept it and then drop it off. Its that easy!

A delivery service right in your pocket.

The Marketplace

We’ve created an on-demand marketplace where you can shop for anything from food, to clothes. No more waiting in line for your lunch or rushing to the store after work to grab your clothes. With ParcelPal On-demand you simply shop from our app, choose the items you want and pay. A ParcelPal courier will accept your request, pick up and drop off your item to wherever you want within 1 hour. Your shopping habits have changed, so should the way you get your purchases.


You can now order from almost any restaurant in the city. We've made it so easy, you can binge watch Netflix and still eat great!


Cant make it out to buy more alcohol? Use the ParcelPal app and you won't even need to leave the party.


We've partnered up with some of Vancouver's best retailers. Order through our app and get your items in 2 hours.

Life made easy with ParcelPal

Ship right to your phone

Our system makes it so easy to receive your delivery, you can now use your phones location as the drop off point. Yes, that means we will come to you wherever that may be. So, if you forgot it was your anniversary and need flowers delivered to the restaurant don’t worry we got you covered.